Deepfake Video Shows Jon Snow Apologizing for Game of Thrones' Final Season

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, odds are that you were left disappointed by the series' final season. To set the record straight, a YouTube channel named Eating Things With Famous People created a video by using artificial intelligence software to change one of the characters speeches into a colorful apology for the series’ polarizing ending.

The technology used to change the dialogue is known as Deepfake. It works by using artificial intelligence to superimpose video and images from one source to another.  While this video was made for entertainment, there are concerns over possible uses of Deepfake for more nefarious purposes.

There have been instances where individuals have changed the faces of world leaders to make them look like someone else. The manipulated videos look so realistic that it is easy to fool people into believing they are real. This could be used for many devious purposes such as spreading fake news. There have even been instances where Deepfake has been used to create fake revenge porn  

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