Drew Allen: COVID Killed Sanity

If preventing death is now the responsibility of Government and our role as citizens is to give up our liberty to do the same, why do we drive cars?

Prior to March 2020 Americans seemed to accept the inescapable reality of their own mortality. While perhaps cynical, but still true, we all begin our march towards death from the moment we emerge from our birthing person’s womb. Some never even make it that far — whether due to unwanted natural causes or wanted unnatural abortions. Mothers risk death by choosing to give birth to new life.

Some go on to live long, healthy lives and die in their sleep at the ripe old age of 100. Others live equally long lives mired in pain, their longevity only made possible by the miracle of modern medicine. Still others die before their time — taken by freak accidents, cancer, or other sudden and unexpected natural causes.

Some neglect their health. Their personal choices cause or contribute to their premature deaths. Others neglect their health and still go on to live long lives  — the luck of the genetic draw. Life is neither fair, nor risk free.

Death, illness, and injury are the costs of living. Death has never been a question of if but rather, when. More than 38,000 Americans die on average per year in automobile accidents.

Some automobile fatalities are the fault of the driver. Others are the fault of another driver. Each time we get in our cars we take a risk — sharing the road with the careless, the reckless, and the drunk. Still we continue to drive.

61,000 Americans died of the flu in the 2017-2018 flu season alone. More than 30,000 perished in the years before and after. We don’t mandate annual flu shots to protect ourselves or others. Nor does the media drive us to hysteria with a constant and exhausting deluge of data about influenza related infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Nor did the government implement draconian lockdowns in 2017-2018 when influenza cases rose to 45 million, hospitalizations reached 810,000, and 21 million Americans sought care. This didn’t happen because it would have been insane. But that was then. Sanity died in March 2020.

In the era before COVID, or B.C., Americans made rational, realistic choices to avoid dying. In the era after COVID, or A.C., Americans suddenly made irrational, unrealistic decisions to avoid living.

What once was accepted — death and illness — suddenly became intolerable. But not all death and illness, mind you; only COVID related deaths and infections. It was as if death and disease were first introduced in March 2020.

The BLACK LIVES MATTER movement met its match with the new COVID LIVES MATTER movement. But unlike BLM, which only appealed to brainwashed libs, CLM appealed to Republicans and conservatives, as well. Like BLM, CLM too was a Marxist movement. Both profess to be about saving lives, but both are in reality about destroying lives, fundamentally transforming America, and sowing hatred and division — unvaxxed vs vaxxed is but one example.

So too does the COVID movement resemble a cult. Like the climate change cult, which believes we can prevent inclement weather and control the Earth’s temperature, the COVID cult believes we can prevent death and disease and control a virus. This attitude isn’t only arrogant but naïve.

Worse, the assumption is rooted in shifting blame from nature’s course to man’s actions. Don’t blame the weather or the virus; instead, blame the irresponsible individual. The totalitarian prescription for solving these unpreventable natural occurrences is a state of slavery and the erasure of our individual Rights.

While neither weather, death or disease are novel, our Government’s seizure of our freedom and the American citizens’ willing and eager forfeiture of our most precious inheritance to prevent the unpreventable are.

If preventing death itself is now the responsibility of our Government and our role as citizens is to give up our liberty to do the same, why do we drive cars? I’m serious. It’s no more insane a proposal to ban automobiles to save lives than it is to ban social interaction and shutdown an economy to prevent the potential risk of infection. A ban on driving would save more than 30,000 American lives a year. What does it matter if death and injury come by COVID or car, if eliminating death is the objective? In fact, banning cars would guarantee lives saved, whereas lockdowns and mask mandates obviously do not. If we don’t drive cars there can’t be car deaths.

HIV is a sexually transmitted virus, which has claimed the lives of at least 700,000 Americans. Like COVID, HIV was a frightening, new, and yet to be understood virus in America when it was first discovered in 1981. Even as it’s deadliness and transmissibility were learned, we didn’t ban sex. We didn’t mandate condoms. We didn’t shut down, quarantine and discourage social interaction for fear it would lead to intimacy, rising HIV cases, and death. That would have been insane. But that was then. Today sanity is dead.

While I mourn the lives lost to COVID, I also accept them; just as I accept the deaths of so many of my own friends and family to cancer, heart disease, and inexplicable freak accidents. But I reject the death of America and our unalienable Rights in the name of saving lives. While death is certain, the death of America is not. In America it’s still better to die free than live as a slave. Remember that.

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Drew Allen

Drew Allen is a Texas-bred, California-based conservative author and speaker, who writes a weekly blog promoting conservative ideals at Fluent in Italian, Drew has lived and worked in Italy in the fashion industry and in New York City and Los Angeles as an actor, screenwriter, and independent film producer.

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