Florida Man Parks Smart Car in Kitchen to Protect it From Hurricane Dorian

Everyone’s favorite caricature, The Florida Man, is at it again. With Hurricane Dorian threatening to hit Florida, many homeowners have chosen to hunker down and try to weather the storm instead of evacuating. One family decided to do this but found that they didn’t have enough room to protect their car, so they devised a genius solution; parking their vehicle inside the house. 

With the risk of their car being damaged increasing and no other way to protect it from the hurricane, Patrick and Jessica Eldridge opened up their home to their new Smart ForTwo. They also shared pictures on Facebook so everyone could enjoy the situation. 

For those wondering, they didn’t initially choose the kitchen to store their car, especially given that they have a two-car garage. However, they already had two other cars in the garage; a Dodge Challenger and a Nissan Titan. They’re good cars, sure, but good luck getting them to fit into the kitchen. 

Jessica poked fun at her husband’s antics on Facebook, saying that he brought the car into the home to prevent it from being blown away by the hurricane. There’s no doubt that the storm is indeed powerful, and could easily lift up a small Smart Car. When passing through the Florida east coast, Dorian was officially classed as a Category 2 hurricane, which means it could produce winds upwards of 110 miles per hour. Winds of that speed can break windows and uproot trees. Luckily for the family – and their car – The Weather Channel reported that the hurricane should slingshot around the coast and make landfall along the Carolinas, missing out on Jacksonville entirely. 

After the damage that Dorian had already caused in the Bahamas, authorities urged over two million people across Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina to evacuate. Any kind of preparation for a storm like Dorian could make all the difference, depending on how much time is available. Protecting your home and belongings against the storm can save you a lot of time, money, and energy in the future when the storm has passed. 

It’s all well and good to take a look at some silly photos of a car in a kitchen, but we do wish the Eldridge family – and indeed everyone in Dorian’s path – nothing but the best as the storm approaches. 

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