How to Fix Instagram's 'User Not Found' Error

It's a lot of fun to take pictures and share them with others on Instagram. What isn't fun is when Instagram won't let you log into your account. There are several errors associated with this social media platform, but one of the most annoying is the "User Not Found" error. Here's a look at the potential causes and how to fix the "user not found" error on Instagram. 

Potential Causes 

There are several reasons that Instagram might be presenting this error; 

  • You've misspelled your username or password
  • The information isn't being sent from your device to the Instagram servers properly 
  • Your account has been blocked or deleted 
  • Technical issues on Instagram's servers can cause can't load your account or access it
  • Your account might have been hacked and deleted by cybercriminals through a data breach or malware.

Potential Solutions 

You might need to try a few different solutions before you can get access back to your account. Let's take a look at those solutions; 

  • Double-check you have entered the username and password correctly. Perhaps you accidentally turned the caps lock on. If your login credentials are automatically inputted by your browser and you are getting the error, try entering the information manually. It is also possible your browser saved them incorrectly. 
  • Check if the issue persists on the browser version and the app version. You should also try checking your account on different devices and ask friends if they are experiencing similar issues. If it's a problem that affects more than you, then just wait a while before trying again. 
  • Restart your phone and try to log in once again. This could solve the problem if the app is sending incorrect information. 
  • Tap the "Forgot Your Password" option just in case and try resetting your password. 
  • Consider deleting the Instagram app and reinstalling it. This can also help to solve other issues unrelated to problems logging in. 
  • If all else fails, contact Instagram user support and get their help. 

It's frustrating to have to deal with social media bugs. Try out these fixes to see if you can get back into your account. Please note that if your account was blocked or deleted because due to breach of the Instagram terms of service, you may have a lot of trouble getting it back.

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