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How to Remove Adware

What is Adware?

Adware is the term used to describe software that inserts advertisements on your computer without your permission. The ads might be text-based (such as banner ads), graphical (such as pop-up windows), or audio (such as radio advertising). Adware is not malicious and can't do anything else, but it may annoy you.

How Does Adware Spread?
Adware spreads when free software downloads from the internet come bundled with adware. It can also spread from person-to-person by email, via shared files on a computer network, or by file transfer protocol (FTP) sites. Adware can hide itself from the user by masquerading as legitimate software.

How Does Adware Work? adware works by loading every new webpage with a JavaScript that loads the pop-up and banner ads, and it also changes the search result pages to load ads as well. This behavior is typical for adware programs.

How to Remove Adware

Remove the adware from your computer by following these steps:
a) Open your browser and click on the tools menu option
2) Click on add-ons
3) Click on extensions
4) Remove adware that has been installed in your browser
5) Restart your browser
6) Reinstall a legitimate antivirus program
7) Use a reliable anti-malware program to remove any other malicious programs that have been installed

How to Protect My Computer From Adware

1) Keep your computer up to date.
2) Install a reliable anti-malware program on your computer.
3) Never share files over the internet if you're not absolutely sure where they came from. It can be a virus or something worse, it's better not to take chances.

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