How to Use Facebook's New Dating Service

You can use your Facebook account for a lot of things these days. From sharing too much information, playing games, posting memes, and logging into other websites through your account. Would you ever consider using Facebook to find a date though? Well, now you can. 

Facebook made the shocking announcement on Tuesday that they would officially be entering the world of online dating. 

Facebook has “200 million people...who list themselves as single” according to comments made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the annual FB Developer conference. “So clearly there’s something to do here.” he added. 

The new dating feature is an opt-in system that connects users to people that they aren’t already connected to on the social media platform. Here’s how it works, and how you can use it for yourself if you want to. 

When you load up your profile, you’ll see a little heart icon that wasn’t there before. Click on the icon to enter the “dating home” as Facebook puts it. From this area of the website, you can set up a dating profile that is invisible to your Facebook friends. So don’t worry about them finding out what you’re really into. 

Browse through some nearby events and groups that interest you. You can unlock physical world activities that are interesting. This is basically one way that Facebook gauges your interests to pair you with people. 

Your dating profile will be shared with others who are attending the event. You can also see the profiles of other people, just like they can see yours. If you find someone that interests you, then you can start up a conversation with them. 

Facebook says that all conversations started like this are “text-only” as a safety measure. The chats you have through Facebook dating are kept separate from your other chats on Facebook and from WhatsApp chats. 

Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox said that the feature “mirrors the way people actually date, which is usually at events and institutions that they’re connected to.”

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