Is a Military Parade an Unnecessary Luxury?

According to the Pentagon, US President Donald Trump has been requesting a military parade. With the last US Military Parade being the 1991 victory in the Gulf War, the opinions of the public and military officials are split.

Is a military parade necessary at this point in time? Or is really an unnecessary luxury?

Cost of Trump's parade far more than original 12 million price tag

Of course small military parades have been done before. Often times these parades have been for small scale ceremonies. But so far Trump has been exposed to vast military parades like the one in France and another in China.

The thing is, those types of parades are quite rare to see and of course they are expensive. President Trump may not be aware of that, especially since Trump has reportedly request that the parade has high-tech weaponry, as well as tanks and other heavy equipment in the parade as well.

This can push his request well past the 12 million price tag he was thinking about as transporting and having them in the parade are not cheap.

In short he wants a parade mainly honoring the military that does little to benefit the American people. A lot of people have mentioned this ever since Trump's musings have been brought up after seeing the performance in France.

While Trump may be a conservative, it’s important to realize that labels don’t always define the person outright. Trump may be a conservative, but this is an expensive and unnecessary endeavor.

Should Trump be more concerned with continuing on his path towards limiting the military capabilities of our enemies

That truly depends on the goals that the President has. As mentioned above, military parades are prominent in areas over seas. There are military parades in China, Russia, North Korea, and France amongst others. This certainly is a show of strength, but also gives ideas of what sort of power those countries have.

Of course countries won’t show off their entire military force, but the parades can still provide perspective. As a result, other officials can be concerned when there is a lot of power being thrown around.

Is Trump concerned about this? Maybe he is, or perhaps he wants to show off by showing off how powerful his military is to others. Either way the attitude that Trump has since he’s been in office plus his own personality suggests that he isn’t that concerned about limiting military might.

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