Is the NFL Calling Too Many Penalties this Season?

First of all, it looks like the game has way too many rules this season. It is almost as if they have grown tenfold over the years. In the current state, it is as if the game is way too complex. As a result of this, it has been quite difficult for NFL to secure new fans this season. Even the veteran fans are finding it difficult to keep up.

The current scenario is far more than just the rules. In fact, the rules are quite complex. For instance, the ‘lowering of helmet’ rule which fans just came across has made it difficult to watch the game.

Though, it is true that this was just the preseason. Moreover, NFL officials are also finding it very difficult to carry on with the significant changes. The players and media members both are quite worried about the number of flags that are being called this season.

We do understand that the prime reason for rules like these was to ensure safety. However, due to this new call, every single tackle may be considered as illegal which makes everything highly ambiguous.

Everyone knows that the results of a preseason game do not really matter. However, since this is more like a first glimpse for fans, it is a matter of great worry for them. No one really wants to see their favorite game being ruined.

A number of tackles that got flagged in the preseason have raised a number of different questions. The main questions that fans are asking is that how should a tackle be carried out now?

It is possible that all the defender did was to drive the quarterback. However, that is technically considered to be a clean tackle.

A number of personal tackles have been seen as personal fouls, even though they were executed in the same way as tackles have been executed in history.

Consider the victory by the Bears over Broncos. A total of 28 penalties got called in the game which for about 288 yards combined. This number is double the 14 that were called back in their 2016 contest.

As a result of this, players have a lot of burden on them with respect to tackles. As a result of this, the defensive players are under a great amount of scrutiny in the way they put pressure.

As a result of this, the teams that are more defensive oriented may get marginalized and suffer the most because of a greater number of calls.

According to the hometown announcers, the officials had instructions to throw the flag under doubt in the Chicago - Denver game. Moreover, the already long games may extend even further due to an increased number of penalties being called.

Considering the fact that the games usually go on as long as three to four hours anyway, this is yet another matter of great concern. Both for viewers and for the players.

Fans do however hope that this will not continue, lest the NFL will really become the No Fun League,

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