Jair Bolsonaro Joins Lockdown Protests

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been clashing with state governors over lock-downs

Brazilian Anti-lockdown protesters were joined in their efforts by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Say No To “Dictatorial” Measures

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been clashing with state governors over lock-downs and safety measures meant to curb the novel Coronavirus’ spread, calling the restrictions “dictatorial,” and comparing the virus to being little more than the flu.

Sunday’s anti-measures protest outside the capital’s army headquarters saw Bolsonaro join in, calling protesters “patriots” for defending their freedom, the BBC reported. Some even called for the closing of Congress and Supreme Court, although Bolsonaro later said on Monday that both institutions would remain open as Brazil is a democratic country.

Bolsonaro was also seen not wearing a face mask or any form of protection, despite apparently coughing at the rally. The Brazilian President said on Monday that he wants isolation policies to be removed in the nation this week, although states and local authorities are committed to tighter measures.

With Brazil’s economy close to dire straits, Bolsonaro’s wish for a quick reopening will likely not pass due to the country’s top court ruling that governors and mayors can decide measures on their own, despite the federal government’s stance on the issue.

“I hope this is the last week of this quarantine, of this way of fighting the virus,” Bolsonaro told reporters.

Bolsonaro supports a less restrictive model of the current measures, in which only high-risk people would be quarantined until the outbreak is over.

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