Julio Rivera: Do Liberals Really Believe in Their "Pro-Minority" Platform?

Liberals spend a lot of time attacking conservatives, and specifically President Donald Trump for what they claim is his pro-White and pro-Male and anti-Minority and anti-Female stances, but does the factual record really reflect their attacks as truthful and accurate, or is it an attempt by a party that seemingly lacks a platform that can yield positive results for all Americans to besmirch a successful president that happens to belong to the opposition party?

Do Democrats really believe in their Platform? #ReactionaryTimes investigates here.

Do Democrats really believe in their Platform? #ReactionaryTimes investigates here.

Posted by Reactionary Times on Saturday, January 18, 2020

President Trump and Black, Hispanic and Female Unemployment:

The Trump Presidency has provided a shot in the arm to an economy that suffered through a period of severe stagnation under President Obama. No where more, was that shot in the arm felt than in the Black Community.

According to a November 2019 report from Project 21, October of last year marked “the sixth time the black jobless rate has hit a new low during the Trump Administration, coming in at 5.5%. Over the last decade, the highest level of black unemployment (Under President Obama) was 16.8 percent in March 2010.”

The report also stated that this most recent decline in black unemployment had begun in February of 2019. Well into the Trump Presidency.

According to Project 21 co-Chairman Horace Cooper:

“Once again, unemployment for blacks in the U.S. has reached a record low. Trump’s policies of deregulation and low taxation have created one of the best environments for job creation in a generation,”

“When Americans – black or white – have a job and are independent and self-sustaining they are happier, their families are better off and the economy booms. This is a welcome change that should be applauded as well as maintained into the future.”

Hispanic unemployment has also reached historic lows in the Trump economy as the September 2019 jobs report showed that figure was standing at a record low of 3.9%, while unemployment figures for women across all demographics hit a 50-year low of 3.9 percent at the end of 2018, which was less than half the rate it was as recently as President Obama's second term.

Racism and anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party Uncovered by Wikileaks:

In the summer of 2016, Wikileaks, the international non-profit organization that publishes news leaks and classified media released a trove of emails that exposed the true sentiment of Democratic operatives, some operating at the highest levels of the Party.

One revelation we learned was that there was a plot to hurt Bernie Sanders with southern voters using his Jewish faith. "This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist," DNC CFO Brad Marshall wrote.

Wikileaks also exposed blatant examples of racism displayed by DNC operatives. In one case, Zachary Allen, a Democratic consultant with the firm TIPAH Consulting, questioned female Executive Assistant LaQueenia Gibson’s name. “LaQueenia is a name!” Allen wrote in an email Scott Comer, the finance chief of staff and LGBT finance director for the DNC. “I’m sorry, boo. I hope you got a raise with this title.”

In another particularly ugly matter, so-called DNC Creative Strategist, Rebecca Christopher, send a script for a potential anti-Trump video intended to be used to pander to Hispanic voters. In her estimation, the video was important to what she referred to as “taco bowl engagement.”

Last Democratic Debate Before Primaries Begin Features No Minority Candidates:

January 14th’s Democratic Presidential Debate, the last one before Primary Season kicks off with February 3rd’s Iowa Caucuses, featured an all-white panel of candidates.

In a field that originally saw as many as 20 different candidates of many different races participating in the primary debates, Democrats and liberal voters, who claim to be the champions of diversity, and to operate in the best interests of minorities could not muster enough combined support for anyone of color to have a place on the stage at the pivotal last debate before Americans go to the polls. Conversely, back in January of 2016, the final Republican Primary Debate before Republican Primaries began featured a Black American, Dr. Ben Carson and 2 Hispanic Americans, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio competing on the main stage.

The facts should carry more weight than the hype, but the Democrats, with the support of a complicit mainstream media continue to brainwash uninformed voters into believing false narratives.

Julio Rivera

Julio Rivera is a small business consultant, political activist, writer and Editorial Director for Reactionary Times.  His writing, which is concentrated on politics and cybersecurity, has also been published by websites including Newsmax, The Hill, The Washington Times, LifeZette, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Toronto Sun, PJ Media and many others.

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