Man Accuses Woman of Using Racial Slurs During Traffic Confrontation

Footage has emerged of a black man who filmed alleging that a white woman in Seattle, Washington, used a racial slur against him. The man contends she used the slur while he was driving, and he filmed himself confronting her. The woman is clearly distressed and attempts to hide her face during the confrontation. 

Conflicting Versions of the Same Story

Karlos Dillard says that the woman cut him off on the road and that, after doing this, she gave him the middle finger and called him “n****r”. Dillard also said that the woman had been following him but quickly reversed when she noticed he was filming her. Dillard then began to follow her, which led to the events in the video that is making the rounds online. 

The footage shows the woman as she appears to drive into an underground parking lot. Dillard comes up behind her and approaches her, saying, “Karen, you are not going to sit there and flip me off.”

“Karen” refers to a pejorative term used to describe white women that are often over-demanding and exploit their privilege, sometimes to the point of racism. 

The woman defends herself by saying that she has a black husband, adding, “You are totally calling me out for something that I am not. You’re attacking me.” 

The woman notices Dillard filming her license plate and apartment building and crouches down to the ground to cover the car’s license plate. It’s here that she starts to cry. Dillard later spoke to onlookers and told them she called him the n-word. 

Dillard tells the woman that he doesn’t want to hear her “white tears” before the video ends. The woman can be heard saying, “I’m sorry” and “I don’t know the streets very well, please forgive me,” adding, “My heart is full about this movement.”

Dillard has shared the video on Twitter and Instagram, where it has been viewed over 5 million times. 

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