Mental Health Month: "13 Reasons Why" and WWE Suicide in Headlines

It Always a Good Time to Reach out to Family and Friends

A little over a week ago, Ex-WWE superstar Ashley Massaro was found hanging in an apparent suicide. The 39-year-old, who performed for WWE from 2005 to 2008, was found unconscious inside of her Suffolk County, NY home early the morning of Thursday May 16th. She was later pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk had called his native Chicago's WMGM and weighed in the tragic news:

"Tremendously sad way to go," Punk said ... "thoughts obviously go out to her family, especially her daughter."

"It's May. It's Mental Health Month ... if you're depressed and things aren't going your way, there's no reason to feel alone," Punk added.

"Just reach out to somebody. Text a friend. Call somebody. There's hotlines. There's ways you can get help."

News of the death comes as the controversy surrounding the Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" continues to grow. The show, which has been denounced by the Parent Television Council, is hearing growing calls for it's cancellation.

The particulars surrounding the show were recently debated by Reactionary Times Editorial Director Julio Rivera and Licensed Psychotherapist Mark Rutherford for RT. See the Video Below:

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, here are some numbers you can call:

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