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Mexico Avoids Tariffs by Reaching Immigration Deal With US

US President Donald Trump tweeted this past Friday that Mexico and the United States have agreed to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States. The deal has led to the suspension of tariffs on Mexican imports that would have been put into effect on Monday.

While many are afraid of the negative impact the tariffs will have on the economy, the US cannot be held hostage when it comes its national security and protecting its borders.

The deal was put together after three days of negotiations to prevent Central American immigrants from entering the United States through Mexico. Mexico agreed to increase their efforts enforcing the southern border with Guatemala, including deploying the national guard. Mexico also said that they would work harder to prevent human trafficking and smuggling.

"The tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended," Mr. Trump tweeted. "Mexico, in turn, has agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border."

The agreement does leave open the possibility for the deal to be altered if proper progress isn’t made. It states that further action will be taken if both parties don’t agree that the measures have the expected results.

The agreement also says that the US will expand their Migrant Protection Protocol, also known as the “Remain-in-Mexico” policy. The policy says that immigrants from Mexico will have to remain in the country while their asylum claims are heard in court. Mexico promises to provide asylum seekers with healthcare, education, and jobs during this time.

In other words, despite all the negative reporting by the liberal media, President Trump succeeded in making an Immigration deal beneficial to both the US and Mexico. He also said that Mexico agreed to purchase “large quantities” of agricultural products from the States.

"If we are able to make the deal with Mexico, & there is a good chance that we will, they will begin purchasing Farm & Agricultural products at very high levels, starting immediately," Mr. Trump tweeted. "If we are unable to make the deal, Mexico will begin paying Tariffs at the 5% level on Monday!"

Mr Trump has been critical of illegal immigration for the past few months now, looking for new ways to stem the flow of immigrants while also attempting to keep his campaign promise to build the border wall and do a better job with illegal immigration than his predecessors. Those attempts have been hindered again and again by the liberal left. At the end of the day, the results speak for themselves.

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