Zombie Investigation: Justice Department to Turn Over Evidence to House Judiciary Committee

Will We Ever Hear the End of This?

Another day, another bit of news related to the neverending investigation series of investigations that has plagued President Donald Trump since he was just a "contender" for the nations highest office.

Now we learn that the Justice Department has agreed to turn over some evidence from special counsel Robert Mueller's report, including the files that were used to assess whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice, to the House Judiciary Committee.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Jerry Nadler, said the Attorney General William Barr's office will begin complying with the committee's subpoena on Monday and provide some of Mueller's "most important files." He said all members of the committee will be able to review the documents.

"We have agreed to allow the Department time to demonstrate compliance with this agreement," Nadler said in a statement. "If the department proceeds in good faith and we are able to obtain everything that we need, then there will be no need to take further steps."

As a result of this agreement, the House Judiciary Committee will temporarily hold off on voting to decide whether Attorney General William Barr will be held in criminal contempt. The House is expected to vote on a resolution Tuesday that will empower the committee to file a civil lawsuit for the materials.

The Justice Department did not have an immediate comment.

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Julio Rivera

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