Mike Rakebrandt: A Detective & Congressional Candidate’s Perspective of Mar-A-Lago Raid

Hypocrisy of raid represents unwillingness of FBI to investigate potential crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Hunter and Joe Biden

By Mike Rakebrandt

Liberty is under attack. The modern Left has gone scorched earth in their war on America and those who oppose them. The raid conducted by the FBI Monday night in Mar-a-Lago to allegedly recover “White House documents” that were reportedly returned is nothing short of the weaponization of bureaucracy. We have seen many examples of this over the years, but never on this scale.

The hypocrisy this raid represents is best shown in the unwillingness of the same FBI to properly investigate well-documented crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder – and most recently Hunter and Joe Biden’s business dealings with foreign powers.

Let’s begin with the nature of warrants and raids as they are traditionally used in criminal investigations: There are clear and explicit guidelines for procuring and executing search warrants based both on case law and tactical concerns.

In my experience as a detective, a warrant is signed by a sitting magistrate only after those seeking it have demonstrated (a) probable cause in the existence of a crime, (b) that evidence of that crime is in fact at the location specified in the warrant, and (c) that there is a danger that said evidence could be moved or destroyed if not seized immediately. Tactical concerns include armed criminals at a location that will resist and/or destroy evidence if tipped-off to the execution of that warrant.

We conducted these raids early in the morning to reduce the possibility of a violent encounter and to limit the potential for destruction of evidence. The circumstances at Mar-a-Lago, and the scope of the materials sought, did not lend themselves to such an overbearing and sensational tactical response. The theatrics and over-the-top display by the FBI in this raid and others conducted over the last few years against President Trump, his associates, and other well-known conservatives, make abundantly clear that this is nothing more than political theater.

The media eagerly report on Top Secret and Classified documents allegedly withheld by the Trump administration yet ignored Hillary Clinton’s unsecured and unauthorized server, and the Bidens’ ties to Ukraine and China – not to mention the government being compromised by Representative Swalwell and Senator Feinstein’s associations with Communist Chinese spies.

These are just a handful of instances where the FBI has bordered on anything from sloppy operational security to criminal conspiracy, while news organizations have displayed a disturbing lack of professional integrity and neutrality.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was the most prestigious Law Enforcement organization in the world. It has now been taken over and corrupted by people who are intoxicated by political and cultural hegemony. The blatant disregard for protocol we saw in Florida – at no less than a former president’s home while he was in absentia – was merely collateral damage in the Left’s war on America and its citizens.

This war has many fronts, but this is by far the most dangerous, primarily because this FBI does not operate as the independent body for which it was intended – but rather exists as the strongarm of a partisan administration. This same FBI that refuses to investigate past and present crimes committed by the Biden administration and their allies should terrify all who believe in justice. Their wanton blindness towards mass shooters, Antifa, BLM and other criminal, treasonous, and far-Left organizations cannot be denied any longer. Mar-a-Lago makes clear that the Biden regime and the Bureaucratic State are waging war on America.

It is time to fight back, demand accountability, and restore our rights and the rule of law.

Mike Rakebrandt is an America First Republican committed to bringing back security, integrity and prosperity for all. He is an NYPD Detective, combat Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient that has spent his life in service to country and community. 

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