Missouri Becomes First State to File Suit Against Chinese Communist Government

With almost 6k cases and 215 deaths as of Tuesday, MO has suffered losses of roughly $44 billion

Missouri has become the first state ever to file a lawsuit against China, claiming that Beijing should take responsibility for the Coronavirus pandemic and make up for all damages, which came as a consequence of the ongoing pandemic.

Missouri vs China

Despite Missouri being the first state to sue the country, there have been at least seven federal class-action suits filed by private groups so far against Beijing, with one of them saying that China knew about the dangers of COVID-19 but didn’t take appropriate action, and instead covered it up to save their economy.

With close to 6,000 cases and 215 deaths as of Tuesday morning, Missouri has also suffered losses totaling roughly $44 billion due to the shutdown in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. The state’s lawsuit lays all blame for the pandemic and its consequences on China. Officials are also looking to bring to light China’s alleged concealment of facts or manipulation of statistics about the virus, as well as the virus’ origin, which many have recently been saying that the Chinese purposely let loose.

Fox News previously reported that multiple sources are becoming more and more confident that the Coronavirus escaped a Wuhan laboratory, as part of China’s attempt to show that it’s equal or better than the US in fighting viruses.

Missouri is also emphasizing the Chinese government’s actions, which allegedly led to worsening the spread of the Coronavirus globally, as well as accusing the country of hoarding personal protective equipment.

The suit led by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt targets the official Chinese government, as well as a variety of agencies, naming the Chinese Community Party specifically to go around FSIA restrictions.

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) restricts Americans’ ability to sue foreign governments, although some lawmakers like Sen. Tom Cotton are looking to introduce new legislation to make it much easier to sue the China government over the Coronavirus outbreak.

China in turn is looking to minimize the damage caused to its reputation by showing support and aid for other countries, and has criticized Americans, who are condemning its response.

“The international community can overcome the virus only if it can stay united and cooperate to make concerted efforts,” China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said, adding that the virus is an enemy of all mankind, and that China is “also a victim.”

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