New Polling Shows President Trump is Headed Towards Second Term

President Trump leads Joe Biden by 3 points – 48% to 45%, with pollsters predicting a 309-229 Electoral College Victory for Trump

A new poll by the Democracy Institute/Sunday Express shows that President Donald Trump is likely heading towards a second term.

New Poll Predicts Trump Win

The latest Democracy Institute/Sunday Express shows President Trump leading Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 3 points – 48% to 45%, with pollsters predicting a 309-229 win for Trump in delegates. So far, the president holds a lead over Biden in the swing states of Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

DI director Patrick Basham believes that the former Vice President has hit his “high watermark,” adding that despite the race being competitive, Biden isn’t gaining new supporters. Basham continued by saying that almost all of the issues that are important to voters are going in Trump’s favor, as 37% of surveyees say that law and order is a top issue and 27% have concerns about the economy, as well as keeping their current job or getting a new one.

Basham noted Biden’s Wednesday statement, showing his support for peaceful protests, but condemning the violence which has taken over the months-long demonstrations. Basham said that changing your tune “three quarters of the way through a race,” means that you know you’re not in a favorable position.

Previous DI polls successfully predicted the 2016 US election and Brexit, and although the poll methodology was not published by The Express, the latest poll is one of few in the nation that favor the president.

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