New Study Shows US is Still the World Leader in AI

Nations all around the world are ramping up their efforts to bolster their research, development, and use of artificial intelligence (AI). Still, no matter how many initiatives and strategies other countries push, and no matter how much China threatens the US, the United States is still the world leader when it comes to AI. 

China released a strategic plan in 2017, saying that they would become the world leaders of A.I by 2025. This plan hasn’t come to fruition just yet though, according to the Center for Data Innovation (CDI), who suggest China is still behind the States in several metrics. 

The report by the CDI states that the US is still well ahead of China. China is in second behind the US, the European Union – which is counted as a whole – trailing way behind. The report looked at research, development, talent, adoption, hardware, and data in AI. 

This could all change in the coming years, as China is advancing at a faster pace than the United States and the European Union. 

The United States is at the top of four categories related to AI; research, development, hardware, and talent. Out of a potential 100 total points offered by the CDI, the US received 44.2 points. China came in second with 32.3 points, and the European Union scored 23.5 points. China is ahead in the other two categories; AI adoption and data. 

The start-up ecosystem in the US has the most venture capital funding and private equity in the world. The US is also the leader in the development of traditional semiconductors and computer chips powering AI systems. However, the US is lacking when it comes to scholarly papers on AI. The United States also has access to some of the best talents in the world of AI, but they have less access to overall talent than the European Union. 

China is ahead of the European Union when it comes to AI and is rapidly reducing the gap between it and the United States. They have more data than the US and EU, with data being the “fuel” that empowers AI technology and makes AI more accurate. 

AI start-ups in China also received more money than their American counterparts in 2017, but not in 2018. In terms of talent, China lags behind both the US and EU. 

China is beginning to improve the quality of their research, which has historically been a weakness for them. They are also ramping up funding. These advancements could see China climb up the rankings unless the US responds in kind.

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