President Trump's Former Lawyer and 'Fixer' Michael Cohen To Be Set Free

Cohen has been serving a federal prison sentence at New York’s Federal Correctional Institute (FCI), Otisville, after pleading guilty to charges, including campaign finance fraud and lying to Congress. The former fixer of US President Trump was scheduled to be released in November 2021. However, Cohen will be released on furlough, to serve the remainder of his sentence at home. 

Home Confinement for Cohen 

Prison advocates and congressional leaders have been calling for the Department of Justice to release inmates with a higher chance of contracting and dying to the virus, with the argument that the social distancing guidelines are virtually impossible behind bars. 

Attorney General William Barr signed an order in March and April, which directs the Bureau of Prisons to increase the use of home confinement and speed up high-risk inmates’ release. The Bureau of Prisons said last week that since Barr’s memo, more than 2,400 inmates had been moved to home confinement, with 1,200 others approved and waiting to be released. 

Cohen was told last month that he would be released to serve his sentence at home over coronavirus concerns, despite his previous attempt for an early release being denied by a federal judge. 

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