Rape - The Liberal Hypocrisy is Endless (Guilty till proven Innocent)

It used to be accepted that in the USA, if you were accused of a crime, you were innocent until proven guilty. There now seems to be a gaping, discriminatory caveat to that basic fundament.  If you are a Republican, and accused of rape or sexual assault, no matter how much evidence exists, or when it happened, you are sadly guilty. This is in no way meant to decry the experiences of those who have actually encountered these things.

In 2017, when a Republican decides to run for office, they have to wade through the slew of accusations regarding the alleged infractions, at the hand of The Liberal Dirt Machine. This months lucky contender is Judge Roy Moore, who said he had never as much as spoken to a young woman, who claims Sexual assault took place in 1979.

It seems rather convenient that this should come to light at this juncture, given he is running for public office. This would not be the first time Political opponents had stirred up a nest of uncertainty to blow smoke, and there is no smoke without fire right? Wrong, ever heard of a smoke machine? Don't get me wrong, if Moore is guilty of this infraction, he deserves to be punished, if proven.

It has also come to light that Roy Moore's accuser worked for Democratic Leaders, is actively campaigning for Moore's opponent, and is a sign language interpreter, who has interpreted at rallies for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Not convenient at all, right? It is suspicious that after such a long period of time, this woman should remember this and given the fact she is embroiled with The Democrats, can she be trusted?

NBC Universal Live

LIVE: Roy Moore speaks at a Veterans Day event amid reports that he forced a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl in 1979.

Posted by NBC News on Saturday, November 11, 2017


The next point we come to is with regards to The Statute of limitations. Whilst people need to be called to task for their crimes, how can one prove allegations after 40 years, without smearing the accused? I get that people are sometimes scared of repercussions, this in real terms means anyone can accuse you of things of this ilk, without evidence and you are damned even if you have not done anything wrong.

Revelations came to light this week of allegations from accuser Scott R Brunton, who says he was groped by  George Takei, Star Trek Liberal Hypocrite, at his Los Angeles condo. The former model and actor was 23 at the time of the alleged incident, and says that Takei took advantage of him when he was most vulnerable. I wonder if Takei is guilty until proven innocent, like More or does being a Liberal give you a different set of rights in the court of opinion?

In fairness, even though Takei is a hypocrite, given the level allegations he has levied against Trump, even he deserves the benefit of the doubt, or we become just as bad as those we choose to call out. I am convinced it is part of The Liberal Mindset to act this way, but at what cost? It is disgusting that Hollywood and Liberalism seeps into to Society, but it has and need to change.

Love and Peace

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  1. There are doing the same thing to all types of men. Trying to say this is just an assault on Republicans is ignorant. Would you say Glenn Thrush from the New York Times is a Republican? Ranting is ranting whether it's Liberals or Conservatives.

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