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Rocker Bryan Adams Lights Twitter on Fire with COVID-19 Outburst

Many believed Adams’ comments to be racist.

Rocker Bryan Adams apologized on Twitter for an earlier Coronavirus rant after receiving plenty of both criticism and support.

Rants on the Coronavirus

Bryan Adams took to social media on Monday to express his frustrations of the ongoing Coronavirus situation, which has caused a global lock-down to prevent the spread of the novel virus, which has infected more than 4 million around the world.

“Thanks to some bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy [expletives], the whole world is now on hold,” he wrote.

Many believed Adams’ comments to be racist – anti-Asian or anti-Chinese – and claimed that his post serves no other purpose than to intensify “racist hatred against Chinese,” Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice Amy Go said.

The World Health Organization cited a Wuhan wet market as the potential source of the outbreak, or an “amplifying setting,” although adding that more research has to be done to determine the link between the market and the Coronavirus.

Adams apologized a day later on Tuesday, saying that he has love for “all people,” and that he never meant to be racist, and instead ranted on the “horrible animal cruelty in these wet markets.” Adams added that he took to social media to promote veganism – earning animal rights group PETA’s applause.

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