Salcedo: Why is an anti-American Political Party allowed to exist in America?

By Chris Salcedo:

The Democrat party, as currently constituted, is an anti-American party. It is the party of socialism, which is, by definition, anti-American. It is anti-cop, anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-prosperity, and anti-rule-of-law. How can an American political party exist in the United States? Why, given their devolution, is the Democrat Party still considered a viable alternative to the other, pro-American, political parties?

The biased press shoulders some blame. When the militant arm of the Democrats, Antifa, beats a gay, Asian, independent journalist to a pulp, the press buries the story. When the Democrat’s laws inspire illegal immigration, illegal importation of illicit drugs and the sex slave trade the press pretends our main focus should be incommoding the illegal activity rather than a focus on the wrong-headed polices that lead to the crisis. When a Democrat candidate for president destroys evidence in a probe and rigs the primary in her favor, the press merely yawns. That’s only half the story as to why the anti-American Socialist Democrats are allowed to exist in America.

The answer as to why the current incarnation of the Democrats party exists as political party is directly tied to the way alleged political opposition party is constituted. The Republican Party is supposed to be the answer to the anti-American Socialist, Democrat Party. But it's not. We can trace the genesis of the problem by examining how the modern parties are structured.

In today’s America the Democrats are seen as the party that is trying to "fundamentally transform," America. They do so with constant attacks on everything that makes America a superior nation to every other on the planet. For example, in the last debate the Democrat Party candidates said it was perfectly reasonable to increase taxes on Americans in an effort to pay for

healthcare for illegal aliens. This anti-American policy would have been laughed at a decade ago, B.O., before Obama. Now, it is applauded by the 20% of Americans who make up the Democrats leftist base. It’s also viewed as a reasonable position by the a fore mentioned press.

How does the GOP respond to the ever-growing extremism and anti-Americanism of their “friends “across the aisle? Do citizens hear a unified uproar decrying the Democrats insanity? Do Republicans arrange press events to universally condemn and call out these clearly dangerous policies? President Trump aside, the majority of the Republicans, in elected office, give the American people an uninspiring and thoughtful stroking of the chin. Only top of the line members of the GOP will make their way to a camera and pronounce, "I don't agree with the Democrat's position." This is the equivalent to bringing a knife to a gun fight. It is the main reason why the Democrats continue to remain a barely viable political party. The GOP is keeping them in the game

Sadly, an alarming number of Republicans view their job as cleaning up after the Democrat Party. They seek to find compromise with a party that never compromises. If the Democrats defecate on America, the GOP swoops in to change the diaper and powder the Democrat’s bum bums. The GOP is currently constituted to mitigate Democrat messes, to the best of their ability. The GOP doesn't oppose the Democrats. Instead, they try to temper their worst policies, impulses and destructive behaviors, as to make them palatable to the majority in their party and the American people. Except for President Donald Trump, we don't see bold, pro-American proposals from the national GOP to counter extremist, anti-freedom proposals of the Democrats. Indeed, only conservatives in the states have risen up to push back on the infanticide of VA Dems, the 3rd trimester slaughter of babies by NY Dems or the barbaric, inhuman partial birth abortion push by Illinois Dems. National Dems are on record supporting

the extremism of their ideological brethren, passing companion federal legislation ensuring the slaughter of future Americans. The national GOP does nothing.

I’m all for elected leaders supporting the will of the voters. But common sense and the polls reveal that Democrat’s policies are out of step with the vast majority of American voters. So why isn’t their incessant push toward totalitarian government control met with equal “push back” from the GOP? I encourage all Americans who love this country to oppose the Democrats. They have earned that opposition. But never forget the old axiom, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Right now, the GOP equals a whole lotta nothing!

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Chris Salcedo

Chris Salcedo, is a nationally recognized radio talk show host heard on WBAP is Dallas TX and KSEV in Houston TX. He is the author of the Ayn Rand style novel Liberty Rises, and the Executive Director of The Conservative Hispanic Society.

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  1. In my opinion the Republican Party keeps the foul Democrat party alive is to help them in election time. It is a “see, we are better than them deal.” Don’t look at our faults or our short comings, we are the best of the bunch!

  2. Answer: The liberty to hold different views and ideas. Their view of what America should look like is different from ours. The 1st Amendment allows for ignorant and wrong. How else do we combat lies and ignorance if they are hidden? Truth, like liberty, is not a "fix it once and it's done" proposition. It is incumbent upon each generation, and each person, to promote and protect them.

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