School Assignment Handout Compares Police to KKK

HS educator Christoper Moreno compared today’s police officers to slave owners and the Ku Klux Klan

A teacher from Westlake High School in Westchester County, NY, distributed an image comparing today’s police officers to slave owners and the Ku Klux Klan.

Obscene School Assignment Likens Cops to KKK

On Sept 8th, Christopher Moreno gave his students a paper that included a five-frame cartoon panel. The first three pictures showed slave owners and a member of the KKK with their knees on shacked black men’s backs, and a noose around the black men’s necks.

The other two photos portrayed a sheriff and a police officer kneeling on a handcuffed black man’s neck. The black man was gasping “I can’t breath’’, which was the same thing as the black Minneapolis victim George Floyd whispered while a white policeman knelt on his neck.

A Westlake mom, Ania Paternostro, said that her daughter showed her the handout and she hurried to send letters of protest to Mount Pleasant School District Superintendent Kurt Kotes and Principal of Westlake Keith Schenker.

“Enough is enough,” Ania Paternostro stated, and added that the cartoon was disturbing.

Paternostro’s daughter Nicole shared that she was troubled by her teacher’s lesson, expressing her opinion that it was “disgusting’’ and anti-police. Over the past several days, the school-girl has been bullied on social media and racist for disregarding Moreno’s lesson plan.

Moreno refused to respond to e-mail and phone requests for comment from the New York Post. Kotes and Schenker also did not comment, though Kotes promised an “investigation” and follow up with the community.

“I want to assure the community that the District will be conducting a thorough investigation to determine what exactly occurred in this particular classroom and what, if any, action is to be taken under the circumstances to appropriately address the matter.” - Mount Pleasant School District Superintendent Kurt Kotes

According to Rob Astorino former Westchester County Executive, “Parents don’t send their children to school to learn to hate America and our police,” and school shouldn’t be a place for political indoctrination.

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