Should Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Face Criminal Charges?

Once upon a time a technology aide who worked at the U.S. House of Representatives got arrested at an airport in Washington. The technology aide worked for Democrats and was planning to leave for Pakistan from the United States.

The IT aide was Imran Awan, who was working for Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz along with other democrats in the congress. All of them got charged for a fraud case based on the house loan that Imran Awan had received.

Both Imran Awan, and his wife Hina Alvi were working as IT aides for Democrats in the House of Representatives. Awan had requested a home loan from CFCU (Congressional Federal Credit Union) of around $165,000. The pretence of this loan was that the couple will carry out an occupation of the house based on the arrest warrant on which Awan was arrested. However, since the couple had not occupied the house and rented the property out instead, they had violated the agreements of the loan.

After accepting the Loan money, a wire transfer was requested by Alvi of $283000 which was to be delivered to two people in the city of Faisalabad in Pakistan. This wire transfer was requested at the CFCU branch which is situated in Washington.

Based on the warrant of arrest, Alvi was called by a bank representative on 18th of January 2017 in order to confirm why the outgoing wire transfer was being made. The male who answered the call pretended to be Alvi, as the arrest warrant says.

The purpose of the wire transfer was asked on the call, for which the male received who pretended to be Alvi stated that the money was being sent for the arrangements of a funeral. However, after being informed that funeral arrangements are not a valid reason for a wire transfer, the person on the call stated that the money was to be used for buying property. This reasoning was accepted for the wire transfer before it was made to Pakistan, according to the warrant.

According to the bank records, the $283000 that was transferred to Pakistan via a wire transfer included $165000 that were from the illicitly obtained house loan.

After the wire transfer was made to Pakistan, Alvi along with her three children flew to Pakistan after boarding a plane after which they never returned back to the United States. This was done after almost a month. The arrest warrant stated that children were taken out of the school without any prior notifications.

Wasserman Schultz on the other hand, was made to resign from the position of the Chairwoman of DNC after WikiLeaks exposed emails that reflected that she was involved in supporting Hillary Clinton in an unfair manner against Bernie Sanders.

This entire story has been covered by the mainstream media however; it has not been done extensively. The websites that lean towards the left, have either not reported anything or have defended Wasserman.

Nevertheless, it is said that a number of political accusations are also involved in this entire story which simply states that how easy it is to twist the facts. According to many leftists, Wasserman should not be facing any criminal charges if at all.

Moreover, whether Wasserman will be allowed to run for congress or not is topic that is still under the pipeline. Most leftists have however defended Wasserman and hence, they do state that she should be allowed to serve in congress.

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