Tim Tapp: The China Model Sees Police Stations Worldwide

I am sure by now you have heard that many in the Globalist community (including in the United States government) admire the efficiency of the "Chinese Model" of governance. They marvel at the "decisiveness" of the Chinese Communist Party in “taking action.” They praise the speed at which the CCP reacts to whatever they deem their most pressing challenge. These people even say (hoping that you will believe) the CCP had "the best response" to the Covid-19 outbreak. When these people say that, they mean the way that the Chinese Communist Party exercises ruthless, totalitarian control over the people of China. 


When I say this, you might think I am leaping to a political, partisan conclusion based on my distrust of Globalists, my desire to protect our nation's sovereignty, and my love of liberty. In fact, I am confident that many leftists will use those facts (yes, I do not trust Globalists; I do want our sovereignty recognized; I do love liberty) as an argument to ignore everything I have written so far and to stop reading right here. But if you pay attention to what the Davos crowd has been saying, in their own words and context with how and where they have been saying it, it becomes harder to dismiss my assertion. 


In an October 2021 speech, Joe Biden expressed the thinking of many on the political left while he was stumping for his "Build Back Better" plan. In a statement meant to sound Pro-American but still very revealing, he said that both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping had been telling him that democracy works too slowly to compete against autocracy in the modern world. I would suggest that it is not the time required to reach a consensus that they see as the issue but more the fact that they must get a consensus from the people of a democracy (or, in our case, a constitutional republic) before acting. They are always the most brilliant people in the room after all. Why shouldn't they be the ones to make the decisions? That is the premise of their "always trust the experts" narrative. 


Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, declared that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a "role model" for other nations. He said it not just as hyperbolic praise but as a statement of fact. Many Western governments have been following or trying to follow the centralized command and control example of the CCP for some time. Personal liberties of their citizens be damned. Don't believe me?    


The CCP established a "zero Covid" policy involving vaccine passports, mass testing, and locking down large numbers of citizens leading to residents being unable to work, unable to access basic food and medical supplies, and in some cases leading to entire families being welded into their place of residence. (A recent fire in a locked-down apartment building has led to rare protests in China against the CCP and an even rarer softening of their policies.) How many European countries established lockdowns and vaccine passports to travel freely? How many American politicians wanted to do the same?


The CCP established a Social Credit Score system. A system to make it easier to keep a watchful eye on the citizens who were not behaving the way the party would prefer and publicly shame those same citizens. Once this system was well understood by the power brokers of the West, we saw ESG scores appearing for publicly traded companies. Then we saw Chase Bank plan to close personal accounts of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and other family members. JPMorgan Chase has "canceled" Kayne West's banking privileges due to his recent public issues. Sound like the CCP's social credit scoring?


What would you say if I told you that the Chinese Communist Party had set up at least fifty-four police stations in thirty different counties? Would you believe that the thirty counties include the United States (in New York), Canada, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Argentina, and Nigeria? Thanks to Safeguard Defenders, a human rights non-governmental organization, this information has been brought to light, and many of these countries have begun looking into this illegal action. The CCP claims that these overseas police stations only function in an administrative or consular capacity. But the stations are part of China's efforts to "persuade" Chinese citizens suspected of criminal acts – particularly telecommunications fraud, but also political "crimes" such as political dissent – to return to China to face prosecution. Most, if not all, of these police stations were set up and began operating without the consent or knowledge of the host countries. And while it is not clear how long the CCP has been running these illegal stations, we do know that the FBI has been aware of one in the United States since at least July of 2020 since that's when FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly spoke about a case in the U.S. where a Chinese government "emissary" visited a target in the U.S. and told him that he could choose between returning to China or committing suicide.


The fact that China has been doing this for years with little to no repercussions is terrible. What is worse is that these types of behaviors from the CCP that are tolerated often get emulated. With multiple countries now investigating these actions, the Western nations may put a stop to it. But it may have already planted the seeds in the minds of the political left of new ways to expand their power. In fact, some have suggested that the recently announced plans of the United States Capitol Police to expand operations outside Washington D.C. by opening field offices in California and Florida could represent the first steps of just such an undue extension of authority. Given how the Capitol Police have treated citizens regarding the January 6th investigations, maybe keeping an eye on them is not such a bad idea. Besides, it never hurts to remind any and all government employees that they are supposed to be working for "We the People." 

Tim Tapp

Tim Tapp is the host of the syndicated, conservative talk show “Tapp” into the Truth. He calls East Tennessee home, where he broadcasts and writes. He also still works in Quality Assurance for a food manufacturing company as he takes up the cause of defending our republic. Find out more at www.tappintothetruth.com

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