Twitter Attacks Conservatives AGAIN

After what seems like a myriad of attacks towards the Conservatives on Social Media, Twitter strikes further blows to fairness and The 1st Amendment, with its latest discriminatory antics. In a startling underhand way to vindicate themselves in one foul swoop, Twitter removed the verification check marks from thousands of Conservative Commentators on their site.

The verification system which has been notoriously biased in favor of the Liberals has had a nonsensical approach to its rules from day one. Take myself as an example. I am a respected Conservative Commentator, with a successful Radio Show, 5 Series of a Cable TV Show, Best Selling Author, and Award winning Singer, Song Writer, yet no blue check verification, even though I have applied several times. Why? Twitter hates Conservatives.

Twitter, admits that “verification has long been perceived as an endorsement,” something critics have argued about. Problems increased when the verification program opened to allow public submissions. Although Twitter said that it has stopped accepting public submissions as it reviews the program, it is interesting that it comes at a point when myself and others, including Roger Stone and Milo are considering legal action against them.

By all means have a set of guidelines, but for the love of God, don't hold some too the guidelines and not others, due to their political leanings and attributions. This in anybody's book is clearly discrimination and whilst there is much disagreement as to whether this is a 1st amendment issue, test cases are coming.

Users have already woken up to losing their check marks and are understandably unhappy. One user, Laura Loomer, Investigative Journalist is one of them and is hitting out. Along with others, she is methodically highlighting the hypocrisy of The Social Media Site. Interestingly, I have not seen on Liberal who has lost their verification, so don't begin to tell me that this isn't political in origin.

The fact that people like the outspoken Linda Sarsour have not been affected by the cull, given her political leanings and clear support for terror groups is astounding. Why can Twitter be so political about who it removes check marks from and leave someone verified, who is a clear National Threat? There is no doubt in my mind, her bankrolling and open support from New York City Mayor Bill DI Blasio is certainly part of the reason.

I sincerely hope that people accept my advice and stop advertising with Twitter as the way we hit out at organizations that discriminate against us is by stopping their funding. Why should we line the pockets of those who would restrict our freedoms and then stand on the theory that it is OK, because they are a private business? My rights do not begin and end with the rights of a business quashing mine, and stripping me of said rights.

I am convinced this will not end well and clearly Twitter will not admit bias or back down. I feel they need to be very careful here or they really will end up being irreparably damaged by their inability to be impartial. Lets face it, the crux of the matter is that Twitter are not supposed  to care about Politics, only that all users are treated fairly, or is that too Utopian for 2017? What do you think?

Love and Peace

Xan xo


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