Sarah Silverman, Practice What You Preach!

Comedian, and I use the term loosely Sarah Silverman has once again highlighted her Liberal hypocrisy. I have to say for transparency that I used quite like Silverman’s comedy, before she began to over politicize, and hate on Trump. I am sure she has lost fans due to her Anti Trump vitriol, that is only paralleled by her anti-Semitic hate, which is strange as she is Jewish.

One has to wonder if her Political commentary is due the fact she actually believes this crap, or she just wants more fame, so jumps on The “I hate Trump” bandwagon. We have seen it from the likes of Chelsea “I slept with the boss to get the gig, and then got fired” Handler. Throw in a little Rosie O’Donnell, and they could form a triple act.

In the video above, Sarah frequents Jack’s Eyewear store, basically because the glasses are really cheap. Not happy with cheap specs alone, she hones in on the fact that the guy is a known Trump supporter. Even his Yelp reviews are full of his political fights with customers. Good for him I say. It’s ironic that she is emphasizing this guy is a cheap Jew, when she is a cheap Jew, looking for cheap glasses. Sarah Schnorrerman.

At one point, she even refers to Trump as Jack's boyfriend, with just a smidgen of commentary about The Electoral College. Clearly, Liberals only like The Electoral college when it benefits a Democrat. Jack has a great comeback, “Facts to Liberals, are like kryptonite to Superman” I might even get this as a tattoo. Silverman then in a voice over calls Jack a “walking Breitbart post” Liberal logic alert. They even bet on whether Trump gets re-elected.

The back and forth continues until Jack pulls out a picture of a woman in full Hijab at The DMV and then Silverman asks if he is really married to his wife, or is she writing a book. She goes on to say if Jack got sick, she would maybe worry and bring him soup. She then exclaims “I’m trying to show that two people with different ideologies can get along” and proceeds to buy a cheaper pair of glasses.

My challenge to Sarah Silverman is that if she really want’s to show that two people with different ideologies can get along, start with Donald Trump. Why not begin there,  and take soup for him and his family? Why can’t all of the Trump haters practice what they preach and start with Trump? This starts and ends with us being Americans. Isn’t it time to stop the hate?

Love and Peace

Xan xo

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