USPS Struggles to Keep Up With Mail Ballots as Election Day Approaches

The USPS is struggling hard to keep up with mail ballots. Just a couple of days before the elections, the latest court filings reported a drop in the on-time movement, meaning that there is a huge risk ballots may not be processed on time. 

According to a document the USPS filed in US District Court on Sunday, the moved ballots on Saturday were less than the ones on Friday, and the processing score fell from 93% to 91%.

Currently, the processing score has become even more disturbing as it dropped under 90% and seems to keep falling.

On Saturday, the districts of Wyoming and Colorado managed to move only 43% of ballots on time, which is the lowest national rate. At the same time, most of the residents in Colorado vote by mail. 

Again on Saturday, the moved on-time ballots in Central Pennsylvania was 62%, and in Atlanta was 64%. 

In Northern New England, including Maine and New Hampshire, the USPS managed to process 64% of the mail ballots, while in North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and parts of Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania the processed ballots figure also dropped under 90%.

The returned ballots through the so-called USPS "local turnaround" are not included in the reported numbers.

While Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan is considering possible actions the USPS should take to improve the voting process, the postal service has provided what they call "multiple layers of operational oversight" to attempt fix issues. 

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