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Let’s face it America. Our government, that was supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people,” has become an insider’s club, littered with self-serving charlatans looking to parlay decades’ long careers into 8-figure golden parachutes.

The unfortunate reality behind this is that despite the Republican Party’s supposed platform, the grime that covers the DC beltway often soils even the purest of constitutional ideologues, and it often is just a matter of time before campaign promises are forgotten as these men and women who were entrusted to represent the interests of their constituents are absorbed into the “Blob” that is known as the congressional “Uni-party.”

Rarely, a politician will come along who truly enters the political arena in the spirit of giving of themselves as the motivation for their foray into public service. America enjoyed this in the form of the incredibly successful one-term presidency of Donald Trump.

Trump, who entered politics already a billionaire, would see his massive personal fortune shrink and despite this, he wholeheartedly fought a legal battle to continue his fight to “keep America great,” despite a setback in the disputed 2020 election.

And ever since President Trump left the Oval Office, the air of GOP accountability in Congress seemingly left with him in many ways. This has been evidenced by the party’s seeming acceptance of President Biden’s propensity to rule by executive fiat at an unprecedented rate.

Even with the massive failures of the just over one-year old Biden administration piling up on what seems to be a daily basis, it can still be reasonably assumed that despite their largely ineffective performance this legislative session, the GOP is poised for a massive victory in this coming November’s mid-term elections.

That said, a Republican-led House will still be facing an uphill climb with at least 2 years still remaining in the Biden Presidency. For that reason, and with the lessons learned from the historical failings of the Boehner speakership under the Obama presidency in the rearview mirror, it is imperative that the right speaker is chosen to mitigate further damage to the US.

Between now and the mid-term, the media will portray the potential speakership of Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), should the GOP win back the House, as a foregone conclusion, and although it represents an obvious improvement over current House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), it’s certainly not the best course for America.

Although McCarthy currently holds the flimsy title of Minority Leader, he doesn’t seem to have the influence needed to rally members from all factions within the GOP as was evidenced with his failed bid in 2015 for the House Speakership.

Our new Speaker, should the GOP win back the house, must be someone that is seen as the undisputed leader of the lower chamber and a strong consensus candidate, to prevent the incredible potential embarrassment that would accompany another Pelosi victory next January, and yes that is a possibility.

One out of the box option that has gained a measure of steam is the possibility of former President Trump stepping back into the D.C. fray to take on Biden agenda from the legislative branch. Although many people may not be aware of this, the House Speaker does not need to be an elected Congressman and Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has already spoken with the former President about becoming speaker after the midterm elections. Trump is certainly someone who’s vast influence and popularity can be leveraged towards exposing much of the worst of the Biden administrations intentions via the non-stop media coverage that is sure to accompany him.

Another good reason for a Trump speakership is his already displayed ability to act as a pragmatist. Despite the media’s negative coverage of him, and the ridiculous assertions from many liberal talking heads that Trump was somehow a dictator, the former President often extended the olive branch to both Speaker Pelosi and then Senate Minority Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer, on several occasions concerning many of the issues present during his term.

Those attempts at bipartisanship were often scoffed at by the respective Democratic leaders of the lower and upper chambers of Congress, but with Trump as the Speaker of the House, they would be forced to do much more than just seek a self-serving photo-op and actually negotiate with the right.

Lastly, President Trump, as he displayed in his 4 years as president, was never motivated by anything other than his love for country and his sincere desire to see America become great again. He is not looking to play the cronyism game or risk tarnishing his legacy in pursuit of a fast buck.

With the midterms, and what looks more and more like a runaway victory for the GOP, slowly inching closer, the January 2023 plan needs to be clear and decisive. Any indecision will only weaken Republican efforts to fight off the media-protected Biden administration, which would undoubtedly ramp up the issuance of executive orders and bureaucratic overreach should the Democrats lose their majority in the House.

Originally Published by Newsmax

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Julio Rivera

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