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How to Remove Checkamap Browser Hijacker

What is A Browser Hijacker?

A browser hijacker is a program that usually replaces a web browser's home page, search engine, new tab or startup programs with its own. It is often installed on computers through bundled software or adware without the user's permission.

How Do Browser Hijacker Viruses Spread?

Browser hijacker viruses typically spread through bundled software or adware. In the case of bundled software, the browser hijacker virus is often included with different programs without the user's permission. This allows for a greater chance of infection because the users may not be aware that an extra program has been installed on their machine. With adware, however, this is not necessarily true because advertising companies are more likely to be notified when programs included with their advertisements have been installed in an unauthorized manner.

Browser hijacker viruses can also be spread through infected sites on popular search engines and websites such as YouTube and Facebook by downloading ads from them or by visiting affiliate sites that are linked via these ads.

How to Remove Checkamap Browser Hijacker

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to remove this browser hijacker. However, you can attempt to remove it manually from within your browser's settings. You can also search for and uninstall programs that may have installed this hijacker when you originally downloaded the bundled software or adware.

How to Protect My Computer From Browser Hijacker Viruses

In order to protect your computer from a browser hijacker virus, you should never download or install any software without first checking reviews. This will help you make sure that you only downloading a program if it is trustworthy. Furthermore, make sure to read the security options for any programs before installing them, and always keep up with the latest updates for your operating system and antivirus program.

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