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How to Remove Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker

What is A Browser Hijacker?

A browser hijacker is a type of malware that alters the browser's settings as well as its home page and search engine. A computer user will usually find out about the virus after they have had their settings changed and download webpages that were not of their own choosing.

How Do Browser Hijacker Viruses Spread?

Browser hijack virus usually spreads through spam emails and might trick you into clicking on an attached link that is typically a video or PDF file.

The scammer will also often target email addresses with large mailing lists, such as, or to get the widest possible reach for their messages so that they can infect as many people as possible. Sometimes these emails will be difficult to spot because they seem like normal emails or web alerts from a company you already do business with, but if you look closely at the email address, it won't match the domain (someone else's email account). You may have also been hacked when visiting a website or downloading files that came from a malicious "click here to see a free video" popup.

How Does Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker Work?

Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker works by changing the browser settings, homepage and search engine to their own so that you are sent links to pages with malicious software. In order to do this, Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker manipulates how it interacts with your browser in order to trick you into downloading and installing the hijacker. This can happen when visiting a site with a popup window or if you open a spam email attachment.

Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker can also be installed if you are looking at a fake update checker, from your computer's security software or if you attempt to install a program that you have already downloaded. You may also be infected if you clicked on an unknown link on your computer or visited a website with malicious content.

How to Remove Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker

In order to remove Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker, you have to do three things:

  • Get rid of Platformdeploy Browser Hijacker from your browser settings.
  • Search for and remove the malicious links that are located in different folders on your computer that may have been created by the hijacker virus.
  • Uninstall any registry keys that may be associated with the hijacker software in order to prevent it from returning if you reinstalled a different program on your computer.

How to Protect My Computer From Browser Hijacker Viruses

  • To avoid browser hijackers, avoid browsing suspicious websites, and download software or programs from reputable websites or vendors.
  • Do not click on any unknown links or follow any suspicious buttons in email messages, on your computer's security software toolbars, or when you are viewing other websites
  • If you use your computer for business purposes and have installed security measures such as antivirus software and firewall protection, make sure that these remain up-to-date so they can monitor and block potentially malicious programs
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