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What is Jvsmd Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to or release of files on a computer system or mobile device. It denies access to the user and requests payment, presents false warnings of intrusion by law enforcement authorities, and threatens with data leaks unless demands for money are met. Ransomware is often accompanied with social engineering and may involve both sending fraudulent emails and using various phone scams. 

About Jvsmd Ransomware 

Jvsmd is a ransomware-type program that encrypts data (renders files unusable) and demands ransoms for the decryption. Affected files are appended with a random character string and the '.jvsmd' extension. Once the encryption process is finished, a ransom note with instructions for the user is dropped into the desktop.

How Does Ransomware Spread?

The ransomware is engineered to spread by various means, including phishing emails, exploit kits, drive-by exploits, and malicious ads. The payload is downloaded to a computer through a "dropper", which downloads an malicious payload that installs the ransomware. Once installed, the ransomware encrypts user files using a symmetric cipher with a hardcoded encryption key. The malware then drops a ransom note coercing the victim to pay to restore their system.

There are many different methods to remove ransomware from your computer. One effective method is to take advantage of the built-in tools like system restore points. On the Windows operating system, this would be through the "System Restore" tool. However, if you do not have access to these features on your computer, there are several other steps that you can try before proceeding with the restoration process. You should also make sure that you reinstall your antivirus software if it was infected by ransomware.

How to Protect Your Computer From Ransomware

The only way to protect your computer from ransomware is to backup your data. You can use services like Google Drive or Dropbox that are cloud-based programs that will allow you to back up your computer for free. Backups are important because if ransomware attacks, you still have all of the data on your computer. It is also important not to open any unknown email attachments and not click unknown links in phishing emails.

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