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Avoid the Malicious Website 'alertsx[.]com'

A browser hijacker is a type of malicious software that is commonly found on multiple internet browsers. The software mainly shows advertisements and pop-ups to the user and can also cause problems with your browser.

About alertsx[.]com

The purpose of an Alertsx[.]com is to deliver unsolicited "alerts" to a user's browser. These alerts can be 'highlights' from other websites, commercial advertisements, general web page content information, or even malware downloads.

The malicious website shows ads to visitors that give no indication of their origins - nor do they provide any information about the ad's target. This makes it difficult for web users to discern whether or not they're being presented with a malicious link. 

Additionally, website operators use deceptive content and CAPTCHA verification tricks that may trick users into enabling intrusive advertisements. These ads can promote various sites that don't serve customers well and potentially put people's safety at risk.

What are some ways to keep your browser protected?

Browsers can be kept protected by creating a list of allowed and blocked websites. This list should include all known malicious websites, but do not block pop-ups, toolbars, or adverts. Also, always use the latest version of your browser when available and try installing anti-malware tools when needed.

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