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How to Remove Wearefriends Ransomware

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts data and demands a ransom from its victims. The ransom is usually in the form of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. If a victim pays, they get their data back, but if not then their data is encrypted and will be released only when the ransom has been paid.

How Does Ransomware Spread?

Ransomware often spreads with infected attachments. It may be distributed by email or through chat programs, as a drive-by download, on various websites, for the purpose of ransomware farming (such as the Yahoo! WannaCry), or by exploiting software vulnerabilities.

It may also spread via worm-like behavior, where it will infect one PC and then quickly propagate to other PCs in its contact list through social engineering scams.

How Does Wearefriends Ransomware Work?

Wearefriends Ransomware is a ransomware variant that uses standard file-encryption techniques to encrypt the data of its victims. When installed on a victim's computer, it will scan the affected system for executable files and add them to a directory called 'encrypted'. Wearefriends Ransomware will then encrypt these files in such a way that they can only be decrypted by paying the ransom. The victim can provide payment in various ways, which include sending Bitcoin or using prepaid credit card vouchers offered by the ransomware's developers.

How to Remove Wearefriends Ransomware

This ransomware is difficult to remove without specialist knowledge. Computer experts recommend the following methods:

  • Remove all the files in WearefriendsRansomware directory with a file explorer.
  • Use a cloud backup to restore the encrypted data.
  • Restore your computer from System Restore, which will roll back all actions to before Wearefriends Ransomware was installed.
  • Restore your computer from a backup.

How to Protect My Computer From Ransomware

To protect your computer from Ransomware, follow these steps:

- Download and install antimalware software.
- Update the software regularly.
- Be sure to use strong passwords for your email account and all other websites that you use. - Install an anti-spyware program in order to check for Trojan viruses on your computer. These programs will let you know if there are potential threats on your system before they become a threat to you or any of the files on your PC.

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