Woman Uses Tinder to Trick a Swarm of Men into Competing for a Date

The experience of using the Tinder dating app varies from person to person. Some might tell you they found their lifelong partner while others might say its only good for superficial one night stands. Save for the risk of meeting a serial killer, the worst you could expect from Tinder was having an awkward date or being catfished. That all changed after August 19. The bar has been raised for crappy dating encounters when a Tinder user named Natasha Aponte baited a horde of men into series of competitive games where the winner gets to take her out on a date.

This bizarre story was chronicled through a number of posts by a Twitter user who goes by the name Misha. He recounts how he matched up with Aponte on Tinder and began having a conversation with her. Eventually, Aponte states that she would like to meet him, but due to her busy schedule, she asked if she can contact him in a week or two. After two weeks, Aponte contacts Misha again asking if he would like to meet in Union Square at 6 pm. After arriving at Union Square, Misha does not see Aponte right away due to her running late. What he does see is a crowd of 100 men surrounding a stage.

Eventually, Aponte appears on the stage to make an announcement. She thanked everyone for coming and tells the crowd she set a date with all of them so they could participate in a competition to see who gets to take her out on a date. It is hard to decide whether to decry Aponte for having enough entitlement to fill up the grand canyon or to praise her for pulling off what might easily be the greatest prank in Tinder history. Needless to say, a good number of the guys there were not happy with some even shouting profanities at Aponte. On the other a hand, a small group actually participated in the competition. Why they would compete to win the chance to date a master manipulator is a question for the philosophers.

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