Accuracy of Trump Opinion Polls Questioned.

It's Seems President Trump id giving a middle finger to recent polls that shows 46 percent of Americans approve of his job performance. But the same poll, conducted by Rasmussen Reports, shows 53 percent disapprove. I always have to wonder who this cross-section of society is that they are asking, because they are not asking me, or anyone I know

Lets not forget that these are the same polls that said Donald J Trump would never win the nomination or the Presidency, and they were right. Oh wait a second, they were wrong as Trump won both. My question is clear. If polls are so important and correct, how come they rarely ever get it right, and are never really that honest?

How many Americans are really interested in approval ratings over actions and change and whilst the lame stream media has no interest in publicizing the positive things that the President is spearheading, how can figures be correct, without the full information? I don't ever remember President Obama's approval ratings being that high, and were rock bottom in his second term of office.

The media has full control of what is put out there for public consumption and clearly are most careful not to put anything with a positive spin into the mix. They failed to make public Trumps role in ensuring the freedom of The UCLA players who were detained in Hangzhou for questioning, following allegations of shoplifting. Why? Because positive stories about The Donald, don't make for good reading.

Dishonest and disingenuous stories feed into public opinion and become a circular way to influence poll results. This is unfair and UN-American, but some however are too stupid to realize they are being hood winked. In America we have sadly lost the reporting of facts as news, and opinion presented as fact is the rule of the day. I have no doubt the polls will say Trump will not get a second term, but we have to wait and see.

One final thing we need to think about is whose money is commissioning the poll in the first place. Do we not think that this makes a world of difference to the outcome? I know there are purists out there who will tell you that this does not happen, but of course we know it does. I would be happy with polls taken from those in receipt of all of the facts, but sadly, those polls are dead and gone I fear, but we can live in hope Vive La Donald!

Love and Peace

Xan xo


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  1. Exactly! These poll numbers are only useful to the lamestream enemedia so that they can gauge the effectiveness of their pogrom against President Trump, the GOP, and the American people.

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