Is an Impartial Clinton Investigation Close?

It seems there are rumblings in the political jungle regarding a possible new investigation into one Hillary Rodham Clinton.  From America's mouth, to God's ears as for too long this career criminal has evaded justice. President Trump on the face of debates, told her that he would appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate her dodgy dealings, but up until now, nothing.

I am sure that Hill has an inkling of impending doom as she recently transferred $1. 8 billion to Qatar, where there are clearly so many worthy projects, orphanages and the like. Oh wait, isn't that Haiti? If we see her with bags packed, fleeing Chappaqua, with Bill in tow, we will know why. But seriously, will anything stick with Teflon Tessie, even with evidence? That remains to be seen.

One would have thought with so much to hide that Clinton would have hidden in the background and said very little, but not Hillypops, oh no sirree. She seemed to try to push President Trump and taunt him on every available occasion. The fact that FBI's Jim Comey let her off, and the revelations of Donna Brazille's book must have her slightly twitchy. Ok, more twitchy than usual.

Although Jeff Sessions has made no specific decision as yet, word on the street is that he is soliciting legal assessments, and may be ready to  appoint a Special Prosecutor. Imagine a non biased investigation into Hillary and The Clinton Foundation, where no witnesses inexplicably committed suicide or disappeared, because lets face it, it would be far too convenient.

Uranium, and E-mails are just some of the things on the list and lets face it, this is one house of cards that she cannot simply respond with "What possible difference does it make now ?" Some of the issues which could possibly be investigated will also have an impact on one Barack Houssain Obama, who I predict will throw her under the bus, without batting an eyelid. No my friends, this promises to be a very interesting few months. Watch this space!

Love and peace

Xan xo


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