Arkansas Walmart Shooting: All You Need to Know

Suspect dead and two officers injured in Arkansas Walmart shooting – here’s all you need to know.

Troubles in Walmart

Forrest City’s Walmart was witness Monday to a terrible shootout between a suspect and two officers, although no civilians, except the offender, were harmed.

“With the officers’ bravery and quick response, many lives again were saved today. Due to their heroism and quick response, no civilians were injured” Forrest City Mayor Cedric Williams said.

Williams and Forrest City Police Chief Deon Lee briefly explained the situation and the status of the two officers.

Lt. Eric Varner and Det. Eugene Watlington were the first to respond to several reports of a person threatening customers in Walmart. The two officers, who were not wearing bullet-proof vests, found the suspect near the grocery side of the store and confronted him, and that’s when misfortune struck – the man pulled out a gun and fired at both, ultimately leading up to his death as Varner and Watlington fired back.

Despite one of the officers being shot four times, per Police Chief Deon Lee, he was immediately rushed to a hospital for surgery, and it’s expected that he’ll survive, albeit with a likely lengthy recovery time.

The suspect was later identified as Bobby Gibbs, Fox 16 reported, and this was not his first misdemeanor, as the shooter had an extensive criminal record, as well as previous arrests for weapons possession in 2012.

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