Bill Martinez: Cultural Catholicism-What Part Of Hell Did That Come From?

Today’s church finds itself reflecting more of the current culture than God’s glory

“I’m as much a cultural Catholic as I am a theological Catholic,” Joe Biden wrote in his book Promises to Keep: On Life in Politics.

What does that mean? It lacks true substance as much as profundity. Does this further one’s faith commitment or does it dilute it even further, which is America’s issue today, sadly.

The often guest of my show and friend George Barna has done extensive research on the issue of Biblical Worldview among Christians, including Catholics. Net result is the alleged faithful and its leaders are failing miserably when it comes to believing God and following His clear tenants.

Some of Barna’s research findings indicate that less than 10% of evangelicals hold to a biblical worldview, and less than half of senior pastors in today’s pulpits hold to the same. It’s no wonder that presidential candidate Biden can get away with such a confused position.

When you abandon the legitimate, you become vulnerable to the counterfeit. Being taught by nuns myself, I can tell you directly, that The Sisters Of Mercy showed little mercy for such culture influenced gobbledygook. Maybe I missed something in transition, but I was never taught or read from the Bible how my belief system could be separated from my actions toward God and others.

The Bible does address being double minded, and Biden’s expression should be measured against the Word of God. Liberal cultural influences have opened our minds to the point that we lost our brains. As my friend is of fond of saying, “My brain no feely.” I might as well say, “no thinky too.”

An even quick critical pass at Biden’s statement which embraces the same false cultural premise that all roads lead to heaven leads to the same dead-end road of false promises. God is exact and perfect to all His promises. There’s no compromise, but somehow we are to believe culture Christians who want to accommodate their sin.

The Leven or Sin has invaded today's church in epic proportions. Today’s church finds itself reflecting more of the current culture than God’s glory. Divorce rates in the church skyrocketing, abortions, pornography, murder, rebellion, everything the current culture embraces will burn, loot, kill and destroy for its sake finds itself comfortable in our church.

And you may ask, how can this be? Progressively and intentionally, it’s been a slow and deliberate walk over the decades to our own destruction and judgement. We begin to doubt whether God really said, says my friend Del Tackett from the Truth Project series of renown.

I pray for Joe Biden, my fellow Catholics and Christians that our faith would not be influenced and compromised by our culture. If our culture ever needed the truth and to rediscover its “moral compass,” it is now. God, not a political figure or academic has clearly given us the plan, so that it will go well with us.

America was born from a faithful prayer and request from our original founders, the Pilgrims. God honored their prayer with a promise. He blessed America, and America has blessed others since its founding. God is well aware of the human condition and all its imperfection and it’s why with the promise he gave a way to come back home when we get lost.

Turn from the cultural lies and political correctness and maybe you’ll start to see and understand just how lost we are. Some think it’s about a country or race, it’s more than that. With God, it’s more than political sides and leaders, it’s about life, people, and families. Yes, more than the USA, or even the world…it is about us. This is God’s heart toward all He has created. Think on that.

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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