Bill Martinez: Does God Really Love Us?

Every year we are reminded just how much when the cross comes into full focus during The Easter Season. Colloquially, we often use the ‘heart symbol” to connote love which seems interesting when we experience that our hearts can often lead us astray and contribute to less than loving actions. The bible also reminds us of how deceitful and treacherous it can be. (Jeremiah 17:9, Mark 7:21)

I would say, the true symbol of love actually is the cross. How ironic, right? The Roman Empire's use of the cross in that Era would have been considered the most humiliating and heinous of executions. Today we recognize the cross as God’s sign of love for His creation. This is Jesus’ final earthly move of redemption for mankind. It is finished! Nothing more is required as The Father proves His Love beyond measure.

Man’s original sin in the garden is finally redeemed as the greatest love story ever continues to be played out. God did not forsake us and leave us to our own understanding, and destruction. His perfect act of love in the willing sacrifice of His only son, Jesus strikes to the core of our very being.

I have often considered in my own finite being if I could sacrifice any of my sons for mankind? Especially, when you see the sort of unlovable people who abound around us. And who am I to judge God’s creation as unlovable? How arrogant and prideful, some of the very things God specifically abhors.

It is heartbreaking to meditate on Christ’s suffering before and while on the cross. It’s impossible to see Mel Gibson’s recreation of the scourging without turning away and considering that Jesus did this for me, for all of us. Our hard hearts need to be broken, like the fallow ground that invites fresh seed for new growth and expansion.

A hard heart resists God’s love and is impossible to understand and accept the very thing it is crying for. And knowing that, God being God had to be true to His character and love even the most unlovable.

I pray that with all our nation and world has been going through this Lenten season, that we will yield our hard hearts to a perfectly loving God who offers us the perfect sacrifice that leads us back home where we belong, with Him. Whether you chose to leave your hard heart at the cross or in the empty tomb, may we repent, turn to God and fully embrace His love and redemption.

Happy Easter…Jesus is Risen, the tomb is still empty!

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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