Bill Martinez: Is America A Nation About To Go Under?

The mainstream media and disuniting political interests continue with their stream of lies and deception.

Some would describe the former President and first lady as experts at exploiting racial tensions. Just listen to the mostly political and divisive speech, former President Obama delivered at John Lewis’ funeral.

Mrs. Obama who by her own words was very proud to be an American when her husband was elected President, but 8 years later, was disdainful and suddenly believed America was a disaster because it elected Donald Trump president. And without considering that a fair percentage of the same people who trusted in BO and voted for him now voted for Trump because the Hope and Change they were told to believe in, bottom line wasn’t delivered. Who’s responsible for that? Even before Harry S. Truman said so, the “buck always stopped and still stops at the Oval Office.”

Mrs. Obama describes what’s happening now as a direct result of decades of unaddressed prejudice and inequality. If she knew this to be true, a fair question is, what did she and Barack do about it? He owned the bully pulpit for 8 years for goodness sake. So instead of uniting the country, they defaulted to past prejudices and perceptions.

I, like so many Americans had hoped and even prayed that Barack Obama could be the one to help us get beyond the systemic racial divide. Instead, Mr. & Mrs. Obama along with his acolytes in his administration seemed content to maintain the status quo. History will look back and find it ironic and interesting that the first black president did more to divide than unite America and it took a political outsider who has been repeatedly accused of being a racist to actually do something about it.

The militants of Black Lives Matter and Anti-fa didn’t come out during the eight years of Obama/Biden. It took an administration who was actually addressing the decades of grievances of social injustice, incarceration, business opportunities, etc. The mainstream media and the disuniting political interests can continue with their stream of lies and deception. But the truth cannot be denied. Many minorities have turned and are silently supporting the administration that has truly given them something to believe in and realize.

Hope lasts only as long as you fail to deliver on your promises. Have you stopped to consider the number of promises the Trump administration has made and how many have been fulfilled? The mainstream media is not going to report on this, they never have and probably never will. Because for them, it’s not about "We The People," it’s all about them and their insatiable lust for power.

Have you considered for a moment, who benefits from COVID-19 and those alleged peaceful protests staying in the headlines? Those power-hungry political elites could care less about the common man and woman and their families. Do you think they really care about the $600 unemployment benefit, getting people back to work and our kids back in school?

They have benefited by ratcheting up the fear to the point that a free America has become so willing to surrender their liberties. What we are experiencing is nothing new. A quick study of previous governments experienced a similar tactic and we know what happened to them. Hopefully, prayerfully, this does not become America’s fate. God’s will be done.

Progressives, Democrats, the infamous Deep State, the anarchists and those who have dedicated their live to the destruction of the American dream see their hope and change coming to fruition. I am convinced that their ambitions would have already been realized if not for Donald Trump. This is expressly why they have so aggressively come after him with all these phony accusations and impeachment proceedings. When do "We The People" say enough!

Maybe on November 3rd this year, in spite of how the deck in being stacked against Republicans and conservatives. High tech is all in and have been since election night 2015 when Google’s CEO in tears said in effect, that he would personally along with the company make sure Trump was not reelected. So, what do you think the odds that Twitter and Facebook have not become part of that cabal to do all they can to tilt the election toward Democrats?

Their obvious actions lead you to only one conclusion. Our government has accommodated this media monster. Today it’s conservatives, people of faith and Republicans. It’s a matter of time before, Democrats and even liberals come under attack. Because Hi-Tech is the new religion. It’s not as if "We The People" were not warned. Our founding fathers, presidents and historical figures throughout our history have warned of this day.

It is upon us. So, the question is, how do we reclaim America and the dream millions have suffered and even died for? I am convinced that nothing happens without The People. There is a sense of urgency. America must awaken, get informed, register to vote, encourage others to do the same and let’s reclaim what is rightfully ours. God blessed us to bless others. This has been an important part of our nation’s legacy.

All this to say, bottom line, we can’t do this on our own self-determination and power. America must reclaim its position as a nation under God. As Ronald Reagan said in 1984 at an Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast in Dallas, Texas, "If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

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Bill Martinez

Bill Martinez is an award-winning marketing and broadcast journalist and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Bill Martinez Live.

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