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China Achieves Stealth Nuclear Capability

The modernization of China’s military is likely to continue

China has finally conquered the last nuclear obstacle, and its newest supersonic stealth bomber could be rolling out as soon as this year.

The Xian H-20

China’s new H-20 strategic bomber – similar to the B-2, B-21, or the Russian PAK DA, finally puts the country on the same playing field as Russia and the United States – effectively completing its nuclear triad – meaning it could launch nuclear attacks from the air, land, and sea. The three countries remain the only ones in the world with enough resources to develop such bombers.

Concerns are rising, however, as the new bomber puts Japan, Australia and Korea all within shot and later on, perhaps the US and the rest of the world, although China had been debating the reveal amid all the tensions brought on by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

DIA director, Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr., said in 2019 that China’s nuclear stockpile is likely to be at least doubled, due to the “most rapid expansion and diversification of its nuclear arsenal” in the country’s history, adding that the modernization of China’s military is likely to continue.

The new bomber could be making its public debut in November, during the Zhuhai Airshow, if the pandemic is under control by then, with it being expected to serve as a platform to demonstrate China’s success in pandemic control, by proving that the crisis did not have much of an impact on China’s defense industry.

Other sources believe the Chinese government to be very carefully considering what to do, and how the eventual reveal will affect regional balance – considering tensions have been rising due to the Coronavirus outbreak, not only in the region, but globally as well.

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