China Receives Coronavirus Infected Imports from Brazil

The Shenzhen government identified Aurora, a Brazilian food distributor, as the company responsible for exporting the infected goods. A spokesperson for Aurora stated that the company was not notified by Chinese authorities about the potential contamination, adding that all measures and precautions to prevent the spread of the virus were taken. 

Infected Meat Makes Its Way to China 

The Shenzhen government states that a sample taken from the surface of the imports tested positive for the virus. In turn, the Brazilian ministry is arguing that their samples, including tests done on people who were in contact with the product, came back negative. 

“There is no scientific evidence of transmission of the COVID-19 virus from frozen food or food packaging,” - Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry said earlier, citing the UN and WHO. 

This week alone has seen six Brazilian meat plants being banned from exporting to China, as concerns over the virus rise in the country as reports surface of thousands of cases spreading throughout the industry. BRF SA – Brazil’s largest chicken exporter, had its shares drop by over 7% in late trading, with others also experiencing losses. 

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