Cindy Grosz: The Real Pandemic in Education With No Vaccine in Sight

Why aren’t people more concerned about the poisons already killing the minds and the bodies of our students?

A Disease That Is The Real Killer In Our Schools, And It’s Not COVID...

Yesterday, the CDC and the President both announced plans for the reopening of schools. Teachers, their union representatives and Democrat elected officials fled to the media to oppose these updates.

When President Trump intimated the idea of redistribution of funds for alternative school options, they went berserk.

Returning to School: What are people so afraid of?

Why aren’t they more concerned about the poisons already killing the minds and the bodies of our students? These diseases have been around for decades. What could they possibly be?

Constant violence, social versus merit promotions, inappropriate teacher-student behaviors, test cheating, prejudice opinions taught as fact, politicians using local schools as pawns for press and many other issues led schools around the United States to failing.

Excessive use of physical abuse, verbal abuse and obvious weapons like knives and guns routinely are found in violent incidents at schools, especially in failing public schools.

Perpetrators determined enough to harm use gym equipment, sharp pens and pencils, scissors and any other available item and recreate them as a tool to hurt others.

Need more...

This list doesn’t include the unfair evaluations of students and staff, the contractual issues of suppliers of supplies, the lack of special services legally required through individualized student programs, transportation chaos, use of school grounds for questionable community programs .... you get the picture.

Why aren’t we, the public, using this time away from schools to address these failings before we open schools? Why aren’t more campaigns from candidates discussing this pandemic? Why aren’t protesters standing outside schools where innocent victims both young and old (students and staff) fear their lunchrooms, their gymnasiums and their classrooms from bullying, threats, outbursts and serious injuries as part of a normal school day instead of police stations?

President Donald Trump ran as candidate Trump emphasizing the need for school choice, ending common core and diminishing the powers of the Department of Education. He has made strong starts.

The department staff must listen to the concerns of taxpayers, including Democrats, including minorities and including urban areas, usual communities that don’t vote Republican, but want school choice options, especially now, more homeschooling with greater emphasis on more accessibility. Guardians want updated choices that includes workplace/daycare accommodations. Who doesn’t? Teachers unions.

Oh yeah, them. The national and local school unions. They are having their own pandemic. Teachers aren’t prepared to teach in non traditional settings, teachers fear their own health and students aren’t learning. Ok, that’s not so news-breaking, we know that statistics on graduation rates and a graduate’s ability to read, write and use logic to get through daily lifestyles.

Suddenly, mental stability is a term used commonly in mainstream media by American Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten, and multiple state union presidents like New York’s United Federation of Teachers President, Michael Mulgrew, as a need to keep schools closed.

Where is their concern for the mental stability of the thousands of students who are not receiving the mandated “mental health services” signed off on in individual education performance agreements? Where are their concerns for the mental health of their own dues-paying educators who fear walking into a classroom without getting a chair thrown at them or having stronger and many middle school “children” knock them to the ground as a “joke?”

President Trump voiced concerns how children dealing with neglect and abuse from homes and how school staffs have a responsibility to report home issues like these. Ask educators how teachers unions recommend ignoring mandated reporting issues and are routinely told to “look the other way.” Need proof, ask a whistle-blower that exposes this practice. So, while we have the opportunity to see the failings of schools and improve them, President Trump can be a hero to those who are abused and never had a leader stand up for them.

You have seen these videos shared all over social media and even making headline news.

Where is the concern of positive social interaction when bullies isolate someone for looking or sounding different than what they, the bully, deem unworthy?

Parents and guardians have to work. They need childcare. Didn’t parents of previous generations face similar situations, especially those living in low income homes?

An Education Virus Started A Disease And Desperately Needs A Vaccine

Where did this disease start? Not China. This disease started the 1990s as part of a movement to standardize and uniform lessons and evaluations. What started as a national movement, grew international. Common core lessons were to help teach English and math. Instead, common core lessons left out English, as schools made accommodations to their attendees language preferences and backgrounds, rather than America First Facts and Values.

Why are so many millennials confused? They have years of misinformation and oppressing opinions like it’s not ok to come from a family with a mother and a father, that it’s not ok to wait until marriage to lose your virginity, to call our radical Islamic Terrorists and others

Here are the complete CDC guidelines to reopen schools

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Cindy Grosz

Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Talk Radio’s Premiere Jewish Activist syndicated through Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network. The show streams through iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates. She can be reached through

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