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Cindy on Celebrity: "Real Housewives of NJ's" Kim D on the Coronavirus and Her New TV Show

Kim DePaola is reality television personality, boutique owner, fashionista and a open Trump supporter. She, like millions who loved her jobs and was recognized for her talents, has had life turn upside down faster than that table flip on her former show, The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Besides expanding her Posche by Kim D “empire” to invite a beauty and spa expansion, she recently debuted her new show, “The New Me With Kim D.” She is also a frequent guest on the “hot” reality/celebrity podcast “Behind The Velvet Rope,” with one of her BFFs, David Yontef.

But today, the Kim you are most familiar with, sits at home and wonders what her next steps in paying the rent for her boutiques, selling tickets to her next fashion show/media event and when she meet fashion designers to feature them on her website (which is still up and running) as she has with names like Jovani.

She supports the “social distancing” and the policies of President Trump. “It was a brilliant move to have the initial travel ban with China, even when his opponents mocked him. It saved lives,” Kim said.

She is at home with her many pets and in constant contact with her mother, Dotty.

We recently spoke about the past, present and future of Kim, Posche and her return to series television:

Tell us about Posche by Kim D.

Posche by Kim D !!! Is a boutique that is multi generational. All ages shop with me. From teens to 84. I try and keep my prices low and quality is always the best. I carry everything from commando under garments to jovani gowns. People come to me when they want that extra special look for any occasion. I have been styling and selling clothes since I was 16.

Who are your favorite designers?

My favorite designers are, of course, Victoria Beckham, I love Ronny Kobo, Tom Ford, also so many new young designers that people have probably never heard of. My wardrobe is very eclectic.

Tell us about Beauty by Kim D.

Beauty by Kim D? That is a loaded question. I get a lot of services. Regular, different hairstyles, nails, peds, my skin, many facials that include dermaplaining and dermabrasion. I also use my legacy radio frequently on my neck and legs. I use a lot of different skin care. And exfoliatiants. I get Botox and fillers regularly, not a lot at one time. I have never had a face lift or or eye or neck lift.

You have a unique machine in the spa room. Tell us about it.

My radio frequency machines are the legacy treatment. They breakdown fat, and tighten the skin. As far as I am concerned they are a miracle. The results are insane.

If a woman has only 10 minutes a day to care for her beauty, what should she focus on?

10 minutes a day? Skin care, exfoliating, masks and moisturizer

Tell us about your fashion show events.

We now have several sold out fashion shows that people travel from all over the country to attend. One is tentatively scheduled for late May, which is on hold.

Tell us about your new television show.

My new show is called The New Me With Kim D. The second episode will be airing soon. It takes place at my last fashion show. I first do a makeover on random women that I pick and the theme of that show then you get a glimpse into my personal life.

How are you working with your customers during the coronavirus situation?

Honestly I have not been working since my businesses were both put on lock in lieu if the pandemic. I have my website up and I have also added Kim D's closet — Selling my personal items.

Any recommendations to other small businesses?

I am hoping this bill gets passed and we can all get a financial break and go back to work soon. But in the meantime stay safe and try and enjoy you family, fur babies, get your home in order, clean closets etc, and Pray!!

Cindy Grosz is running for Congress in NY4.

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