DeepFake Video Goes Viral After Mixing Smash Mouth's All Star Song With Various Movie Clips

Everyone knows that All Star by Smash Mouth is among the best songs ever made. Now it has become part of one of the most incredible uses of Deepfake ever seen. You’ve not lived until you’ve witnessed Agent Smith and Leonidas, among others, belting out the pinnacle of musical perfection. 

Wake2Lip Used to Create the Viral DeepFake

The All Star video was made using the DeepFake program Wake2Lip. The program was created using code from “A Lip Sync Expert Is All You Need For Speech To Lip Generation In The Wild.” The technology uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to create a visual illusion that movie characters are lip-syncing along to the song. 

The people behind the video, Prajwal K R and Rubdabha Mukhopadhyay say that their approach learned from well-trained lip-sync experts. It is different from other models that use a reconstruction loss or train a discriminator in a GAN setup. The researchers use a pre-trained discriminator that already has the ability to detect lip-sync problems. The researchers further fine-tuned the program to improve the ability of the discriminator to measure lip-syncs and enhance the accuracy of the lip shapes. 

While there is plenty of potential to misuse and abuse DeepFake, the technology has become mainstream across social media thanks to innovative applications such as this. Some other clips show major artifacts issues, and it’s unlikely people will believe that the video is real, but it doesn’t need to be. Using DeepFake like this, and showing everyone how they did it, shows how easy it is to create entertaining clips by combing videos and movies with AI. 

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