Do You Qualify For The $1400 Stimulus Check?

Democrats are considering restricting the number of people eligible for a third stimulus check. Although the new plan is open for discussion, Washington said that they will not be lowering those payments below $1,400 per person.

Eligibility for $1400 Stimulus Check

The latest version of the plan offers 1,400 to individuals who earn up to $50,000. Married couples earning up to $100,000 would receive a full check. Household heads making up to $120,000 will also be eligible for the entire cash payment.

Over the last few months, President Joe Biden has prioritized sending stimulus checks to the lower levels of the income scale. Biden and senior Democrats are aiming at providing an extra $1,400 on top of the $600 stimulus payment per adult and child approved by the Congress in December.

Currently, the Biden relief package would provide $1,400 payments to individuals making up to $75,000 and couples earning up to $150,000. Additionally, parents with children would receive an extra $1,400 per child, meaning that a family of three could receive $4,200.

While the timing of the stimulus payments is not clear yet, Democrats in both chambers of Congress have kicked off the reconciliation process, preparing the approval of a $1.9 trillion package without Republican votes.

As enhanced unemployment insurance is set to expire in 2021 for millions of Americans, Democrats are running to overtake the events and pass legislation before mid-March.

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