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As an outspoken commentator, from time to time I tend to get into a little trouble on Social Media. If you are a follower on either Facebook or Twitter you will be well aware of what I mean. I would be the first to admit that there is an element of shock to my work to sometimes highlight the hypocrisy of Liberals and RINO’s.

“What happened this time Xan?” I hear you saying…. Did I call Ana Navarro a fat heartless trog? Nope…. Did I share how I am thinking maybe Kathy griffin is a drag queen? Nope wrong again, but we all know that is true…. Did I say that Ron Perlman has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp? Oh no, none of the above.

Facebook have once again banned moi, an openly gay Conservative Commentator, for using widely accepted terminology. Last time I was banned for using the word “Faggot” this time it was for the hashtag #faghag.  I did not use the terms in a derogatory way and I believe this is further attacking of Conservatives on Facebook.

I have to wonder if I had been a Muslim, would Zuck have banned me for three days or maybe a seat on the board, a key to the executive bathroom and a cigar. (Insert obvious Bill Clinton joke here.) In fairness it would be the latter as the harassment of Conservatives on Social Media is on the rise.

Some things on Facebook are more acceptable than others. You can talk about killing gays, cops, conservatives and animal, but not Muslims. Of course I am not suggesting it is ok to suggest anyone be killed. Police in the UK recently visited someone for merely having a negative opinion regarding Islam on Facebook which frankly I find astounding and such an intrusion.

Whilst there are no 1st Amendment protections on Social Media for Americans, I really believe there should be. Every time my vernacular is policed by Facebook, whether by staff or a word bot, my freedom of speech is being eroded. The sad thing is we all ignore it till it happens to us.

Facebook has turned into A Fascist State and sadly we have allowed it to happen via our patronage. They clearly think we will never all leave en mass, imagine how that would affect their advertising revenue alone…. Maybe it is something we need to consider.

To allow the over policing of Conservatives on Social Media is nothing short of discrimination and we need to stamp it out. For any Social Media community to thrive there needs to be not only equality but reality. Penalizing people for disagreeing is archaic and dangerous.

However you view this kind of action by Facebook, one has to see that this is actually more to do with money than anything else. Those fools like Soros are pouring cash into media and social media in order to control it. The more you pay, the bigger your say.

Wake up people; this is not just silly Xanny Gee having a tantrum. I am standing up for you here too. If we let this continue, the banning for silly things will never end. Maybe Facebook needs to give us a list of things we cannot say so we can be sure not to breach The Almighty Zuckerberg’s rules. Conservatives are under attack and we need to stand together. What will you do???

Love and peace, Xan.

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Xander Gibb

Xander Gibb, The Host of #XRAD, Broadcaster, Writer, Actor, Singer Comedian, with an honest unapologetic response to the world around him.

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  1. HOLY CRAP! Oh the irony! I'm in Facebook Jail as of RIGHT NOW! Let Julio know please. I know WHY I'm in FB jail....I'm just TELLING THE TRUTH! LB

  2. Good post. Facebook bans some things yet allows the vilest of hate-filled cartoons, saying "it meets our community standards." Evidently conservatives don't make the cut. I've stopped using Facebook - and don't miss it. (Like the NFL).

  3. They deleted my group without warning even after I contacted HQ and discussed that Fag Hag was an accepted term and the group was for gay men and their best female friends to share jokes and fashion and was in no way a hate group and got an executive to agree and get it back for me a few weeks earlier. I created it in 2006 with my best friend who is a gay man and it was not a huge group but a few hundred people looking for online friends in areas where they felt unaccepted by their IRL communities. I was put in FB jail for the dumbest things but they are allowing groups who worship Chris Watts and mas murderers and Nazis are allowed to have groups without being labeled hate groups its pathetic.

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