Massive Flooding Along the Mississippi River Causes Death and Destruction

Worst Flooding in Over 25 Years.

Seven people have been reported dead after historic amounts of flooding on the Mississippi River. The rising water levels have brought disastrous inundation to the states of Michigan, Missouri, and Iowa. The Quad City area has also taken substantial damage by the flash floods. Coast Guard officials have announced the closure of the Mississippi River to all vessels due to high water levels and heavy currents.

According to the weather channel, the river has reached a height of 22.7 feet, highest level in 157 years, topping the 1993 Davenport floods. The amount of flooding is due to heavy rainfall along with snow melt. The National Weather Service predicts that the river may reach up to 43.6 feet of flooding in some counties by Monday.

The rising water levels of the Mississippi River are expected to make their way south along the river over the weekend. Residents and business owners along the river’s area are encouraged to stay alert and take the necessary precautions.

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