‘Frat Culture’ At Bloomberg Media Threatens 2020 Run

Michael Bloomberg, recently announced 2020 Democratic candidate, is now facing criticism from his rivals over dozens of lawsuits regarding discrimination and sexual harassment.

A Fraternity Preying on Women?

Close to 40 lawsuits have hit Bloomberg LP, most concerning harassment, discrimination and male executives targeting “young, female, naive employees,” for sex, per Business Insider.

Some cases involve even drugs and alcohol – such as suits from two female employees, saying they left the company after being plied with alcohol and sexually assaulted by a colleague.

Another suit from 2016 sees the case of Margaret Doe accusing her male boss of rape and intoxicating her with drugs, under the threat that if she refused to sleep with him, she would be fired.

The woman further explained that Nick Ferris, a former sales manager in the media company, got her addicted to drugs, and that a “rampant drug culture” was present within the company.

Closely related to Doe’s case, a female executive in the company had also filed a suit regarding her termination, saying she was forced out of Bloomberg LP after discovering and witnessing Ferris harassing Doe.

“Bloomberg strongly supports a culture that treats all employees with dignity and respect, and enforces that culture through clear policies and practices. Sexual harassment is prohibited and offenders face termination. Our diversity and inclusion efforts – including training on preventing harassment and gender bias – are designed to foster a culture where thousands of people are proud to work every day,” a spokesperson from Bloomberg LP told FOX Business in a statement.

Other accusations directly affected Michael Bloomberg, who is accused of leering at female employees and making offensive, sexist comments:

“If you looked like that … I would do you in a second. … I would like nothing more in life than to have Sharon Stone sit on my face,” Michael Bloomberg Workplace Comments per court papers reviewed by Business Insider.

Bloomberg’s team has responded to this, in a statement to the New York Times, revealing that the 2020 candidate has come to realize that “some of what he has said is disrespectful and wrong,” however, the fact remains that this could potentially destroy the billionaire’s chances in the 2020 race.

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